Hangeun, former chain dog hit by van fights heartworm

Found running in and out of traffic in Wonju, Gangwon-do. Poor Unijoheun, after life as a chain dog, he had no idea how to stay safe around cars. He was hit by a van and then caught and taken to the vet. Amazingly, he was unharmed by the accident, but it was found that he had stage 2 heart worms, ticks, and dermatitis due to life standing and sleeping on wet ground.

He is currently undergoing treatment for the heart worms, and is slowly learning that not all people are mean. Poor boy, his body shows signs of a tough, unpleasant life. But things are looking up! By the way - the ticks are gone - the first line of treatment for the heart worms took care of them.

Please help Unijo - the sweetest boy ever - get the medical treatment he needs to beat these horrible worms so that he can go on to enjoy eventually being adopted to a forever home and live out the rest of his years knowing a happy life!

A photo will also be uploaded tonight. In the mean time, see the photo of his sweet sweet face on his adoption profile on here: http://www.animalrescuekorea.org/dog/1185

So far the expenses for his medical treatments have come to 600,000w - this includes blood work, x-rays, pre-treatment medication, the vials for the heart work shots, and an overnight hospitalization.

Update: Hangeun is such a good boy! He is fighting the heart worms and still happy to have a human pat him and talk to him. This is one very special dog who really deserves a break!

October 20 2012 update: My neghbours hate dogs. While they have had no idea that Hangeun was here for the past two and a half months, because he is so quiet - this week they saw me returning with him from the vet. They lied to management saying he is very loud and cries all of the time, so now management is after me about having a "loud" dog. As he is no longer safe in my apartment and I can find no one to take him in, he is going to be boarding at the vet's until someone steps up to foster or adopt him. This is tragic news for Hangeun, who has been slowly over coming his fearfulness but fears the vet's clinic. Can't someone please help this poor fella out? Let's show him that life isn't all tragedy and confinement!

If you are interesting and able to help:
Caroline Barsellotti
Woori Bank

Thank You!

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How is Hangeun doing? Have you reached your fundraising goal?

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I will be removing this post if there are no updates by tomorrow.

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I heard from a friend of the fundraiser that this fundraiser is still ongoing. Update coming soon, I hope!

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Sorry - been crazy busy and laptop died - using my tablet and it's not that easy to update :(
Latest update is that my evil dog hating neighbours lied to the building management saying he is too loud so now I have to rehome him asap.

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Sorry to hear about your computer and your neighbours :(

Where are you up to with fundraising? What's been collected, what's still needed?

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All but 150 of Hangeun's bill has been covered. He still has to have another heartworm test and is now in boarding, though that is now being covered by a VERY generous donation from another ARK member. Hopefully it will hold at just teh 150 left to go. He also needs to be neutered, but that's down the road as we can't even think about that until he is heartworm free. And now the housing situation.... Hangeun needs a home!!! Poor sweet Hangeun!

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Hi Portiakitty! Now that Hangeun has been adopted (big congrats!!), this blog post can be moved to the Thank You section (just edit this listing and change the category choice). Thanks!