Quick Bio

Age: Adult (3-8 years old)
Gender: Female
Breed: Shih Tzu
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: Black & White
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with dogs

August 16th - Nellie is a lovely, spayed shih tzu who is now fully vaccinated. She is heartworm positive, but her adopter will have her heartworm treatment PAID FOR! KAPS has worked out a deal with our preferred vet for treatment. We are looking for a compassionate adopter to open their home to Nellie as she recovers, with the reward of watching her blossom for years to come. Are you the one?
July 14th -- Nellie continues to slowly come out of her shell. In the video below, you can see her relaxing with her dog friends, instead of hiding in a dog house as she once did. She's calm and seemingly oblivious to the many dedicated KAPS volunteers working around her. What a transformation! Nellie is heart-worm positive, and will be returning to the vet this weekend for treatment. She would recover much more quickly and comfortably in a warm, loving, home environment. Won't you consider fostering Nellie? This lovely lady has been through enough, and is waiting for her lucky break! Might it be with you?


June 16th -- There has been a Nellie BREAKTHROUGH! Today, she not only elbowed her fellow Forgotten Shih Tzus when the dog treats came out, but she also rolled on her back and demanded a belly rub from our volunteers. This is the SAME Nellie who hid in the outdoor dog house for her first year at KAPS. I think she's finally learning that not all humans are awful, and some are pretty good, in fact!

Nellie is still waiting for her guardian angel. We are hoping to start her on heartworm treatment soon, made possible due to the generosity of the ARK community. However, it would be so much better to receive this treatment in a foster home or even better, an adoptive home! Won't you consider this gentle little lady?

Come and visit Nellie at KAPS Daegu today!!


June 1st -- Nellie received a lot of attention from a lovely group of Girl Scouts today. She is still a shy and polite lady, even around active children. Nellie would do fine in a home with older children :)

Her skin has really started clearing up, thank goodness. But, Nellie is still having a hard time due to heartworm. She is sluggish, and really needs to find a home (foster or adoptive) to help her through. A generous donor has donated about 500,000 toward Nellie's care, a great kickstart to any deworming treatments. Won't you consider Nellie?

May 15th- Nellie is having a rough time. Her skin condition is slowly clearing up after a visit to the vet, thanks to donations from KAPS supporters. Her time at the vet revealed a more troubling condition, however: heartworm. We've been raising money to help treat Nellie's heartworm, but we aren't there yet. We've raised about 500,000 won to help her, but we still have a way to go. She needs to find a foster home first to receive proper care. Won't you be her guardian angel??
April 25th - Nellie is in bad shape, the poor dear. She has a skin issue right now and **really, really, really** needs to go to a home to recover. It's likely to be mange, but I'm speculating. It's affecting all 4 of our outdoor forgotten shih tzus. She is scratching himself raw, and has lost a lot of her hair. It's heartbreaking to see. We've been trying to treat her in shelter, but she needs out of the environment and to receive consistent care that is impossible to give right now. She would be best to go to a home with no other animals (or with another of the shih tzus!).

Won't you consider taking her (or one of her friends!) into your home? They are all low maintenance, low energy dogs!

Nellie arrived at KAPS about a year ago. She was so scared during her first 6 months, that she hid in the dog house in the KAPS yard. Poor thing.

Now, she's spread her wings and is "flying like a bird" so to speak! She is by no means a sociable dog... she will allow people to come and pet her, but will rarely approach you first.

She is slowly but surely learning how to trust people again. She does get along famously with dogs, and is calm, submissive, and respectful.

If you are looking for a laid-back dog with low energy and a relaxed demeanor, Nellie is your gal!

We aren't sure if she's been spayed, so the 80,000 won adoption fee would cover her surgery as well.

Nellie is truly a diamond in the rough... won't you give her a chance to know a loving, happy home? ^^

Shelter Name: KAPS: Daegu


hakuna.matata's picture

Watch Nellie and her "forgotten" friends have a treat!

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Nellie is still a quiet one, but her skin is improving and she even chose to hang out next to me at the shelter this weekend.

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What an adorable picture, thank you for sharing!

Nellie is so lovely, but is really down on her luck. I hope that someone will show Nellie some kindness soon!

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So Nellie passed away? When?

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Sorry, she passed away a couple of weeks ago. Probably due to the heat and heart worms. We are all sad but she is in a better place. She had a great day out at the vet's though and had really come out of her shell while being at KAPS, she wasn't scared any more and had started enjoying attention so we are glad for that.

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Aww. :-(

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:( Poor baby girl.

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I didn't see this. Poor Nellie. :( She's in a happy place now, though.