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perfect lap warmers!Belle, what a beauty! She's pudgy and adorable.Belle... beautified!Belle and a volunteer, Janet!

Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years old)
Gender: Female
Breed: Shih Tzu
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: Brown & White
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Good with kids
  • Good with dogs
  • House trained
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

This is Belle. She is a hilarious, fat little walrus-dog. We love her. She is part dog, part slinky, part bean bag, and part cheddar cheese. Belle was living at KAPS since March 2012, and usually stayed outside with her shih tzu friends. The KAPS shelter manager describes Belle as "always cheerful, healthy and happy". We don't know why Belle was abandoned at KAPS, because she is a truly terrific dog.

Now that she's staying with us, we can assure you that she is very well-behaved and sweet. We expected to have more problems with her, since her history is unknown and she's been used to shelter life for so long now. We were pleasantly surprised to discover that she's house-broken and pretty good on a leash! She is a cuddle-monster extraordinaire and her extra fat is excellent for keeping our laps warm. She loves a good belly rub, most of all. If you barely touch her she'll immediately flop over to let you rub her belly. She'll also just climb right into your lap and nap there quietly. If you get uncomfortable, she will let you move her around while she dozes on. It's hilarious how little she cares! As long as she's warm and napping, she's happy.

Walking with her is a lot of fun, too. She keeps up a good pace and even though she does love to smell every inch of space you let her, she's not at all too stubborn and will follow you after you remind her that you still have a mile or two to go. She does need to lose a kilo or two!

She is currently rooming with Lolly ( and watching them cuddle and play is a lot of fun. They curl up together, or wrestle, and it's difficult to tell where one ball of fluff starts and where one ends. Truly adorable. They get along great.

We are smitten with this girl, but we can't keep her forever. Belle would be a wonderful addition to any family. Please consider her. She's an absolute teddy bear.

UPDATE: We've recently had Belle groomed! We'll upload photos soon. She looks so different but she's happy to be rid of the mats and tangles shelter-life put in her lovely fur. We've also learned that she has a heart-worm, but it is easily treated with a monthly chew tablet. We were surprised since she's so energetic and loves to run! Clearly it's not slowing her down at all!

Belle and Lolly after their evening walk

The girls out for a stroll. Great walkers, even with both leashes in one hand!

Watch Belle try to take the brush from a volunteer's hand:

Adoption Fee: ₩100,000
Location: Daegu - 대구
Living Situation: In foster care
Adopted From: KAPS: Daegu


hakuna.matata's picture

Belle is still the beauty of the KAPS dog-yard. She's a confident pup who will march right over to you and demand a belly rub. If you ignore her request, she'll lick your legs to get your attention. She's a smart cookie!

Belle seems to be in excellent health. She's been at the shelter for about 5 months now, and I'm sure she hates her first summer outside as much as we can't stand to bear it! She would really appreciate a loving (air conditioned!) foster or forever home. Please consider Belle!!

If you aren't in a position to foster or adopt Belle, please stop by KAPS and help to groom, socialize and capture her cutest moments on your camera. Post about Belle here, and help the KAPS community promote her. Thanks ^^

megs's picture

Belle is a very loving, and very eager-to-learn pup! She's just as clever as her Disney namesake, and just as pretty. :)
When I was tossing the ball for William, Belle would often race after it and bring it back for my approval. She "mouths" (I mean, she very gently takes your hand in her mouth) when she's happy and getting a lot of attention. If that's not something you like, fear not! Belle is clever and learns fast - she'll be easy to train.
Later in the day, I sat on the ground and put a shi tzu on my lap (I call this girl "Curly Sue" aka "Suzy" because of her coat). Suzy decided to move, and Belle instantly took the initiative of climbing into my lap.

If you're looking for a dog with a good personality, Belle is your girl! Though I'm not a professional, I would feel comfortable with having Belle around children. My only admonition is that I hope you like to cuddle, because Belle is going to be all about that!

emmat191's picture

Belle had a bit of a hair cut around the face this week, you can catch it on the new KAPS video on our facebook page. It's not particularly flattering :) luckily it'll grow out fast. She was very happy to see me on Monday and really wanted a cuddle. She would be a bundle of fun as a pet.

megs's picture

Belle had someone interested in adopting her. Anything happening?

hakuna.matata's picture

Yes! I am currently guiding her potential adopter through the application process :) Fingers crossed for Belle! Thanks for asking after her, Megs!

Katherine Magnotti's picture

Belle has just been spayed and to avoid infections, we're giving her a stay with us for a few weeks. Unfortunately, we can't foster her for a long term. She's only just come over last night and already she seems perfectly at home. She's a very polite house guest! While her forever family will need to understand that after being abandoned and living in a shelter, she might have some difficulties transitioning, whoever takes her home can also look forward to a very easy-going and obedient little girl. We're really enjoying her! Please consider Belle :)

emmat191's picture

I had Belle for the day before dropping her off at Katherine's last night. She prefers to sleep in small spaces and was very happy to discover a crate at new new abode. She seems perfectly house trained, with no inclination to pee inside (which after so long living in the yard at KAPS is almost a miracle). She is a fast walker, and prefers to be leading the hunt, however she does know her name and will come back when called. Belle is not a big fan of the car, she is not very sure what the point is, however once the music was on and she had found a spot she settled down and slept.
She didn't make a peep while I was at school, even though she was in a strange house, and also didn't bark when I came to the door, so is a perfect apartment dog.
Belle is a little on the chubby side right now, so a bit of dieting would be needed, she is very much in love with food but if you just ignore her, she goes to sleep. She is used to having lots of buddies at the shelter, so would be very happy in a home with other dogs, but I think with regular exercise she would be happy being the only pet too.
Belle is a little big to go in cabin so she would need to go in cargo which will add to the cost of getting her home. The last dog her size I shipped cost 1m won.
She is an adorable ball of love and will make the most fabulous friend, entertaining, cuddly and smart. Please consider her.

clare_bell's picture

Ooooh she's just precious!!!!

vfetters's picture

Is Belle still up for adoption and/or foster?

emmat191's picture

She is in foster care at the moment. Still looking for her forever home. She is such a great girl I hope someone falls in love with her soon.

vfetters's picture

Me too. I have already fell in love with her :( she reminds me so much of my own shih tzu I have, and I wish I could take her so she can have a partner and playmate. My husband is against getting another dog in Korea :( i am trying to convince him :)

megs's picture

Do you know how she is with cats? I remember one of the shih tzus loved watching/barking/chasing cats, but I don't remember who it was.

Katherine Magnotti's picture

She's still up for adoption! We've been fostering her and I can tell you she is a great dog! I'm not confident that she'd be okay around cats... I'm sure she could learn to get along. So far the only interaction is that we sometime see cats on our walks and she's very interested in them; she pulls towards them and sniffs wildly, but no barking or growling.

Adriana's picture

Yay Belle!!! Congrats on the adoption, so happy for you!!! Lolly and Adriana.

Katherine Magnotti's picture

Thanks! We're really happy, too! So grateful to you both.

megs's picture

Yay! Belle is wonderful, and I'm certain her family is, too. That's really great to hear. Belle and Lolly. Good job you guys!