Chocolate Chip The Shih Tzu: great little dog looking for his loving new companion

Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years old)
Gender: Male
Breed: Shih Tzu
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: Brown & White
  • Good with dogs
  • House trained
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

Health status:
2.5 year old, 3.7 kg, heart worm free, received "Advocate" on the 12th of Dec 2011, not neutered yet.
Little Chocolate Chip has lost his family, as well as his home. We don't know why they didn't want him anymore - he was dumped at a local vet in Asan city and later ended up on death row. What a shame, Chocolate Chip is a loving dog. He needs to be part of the family. Want to make fast friends... just tickle his tummy!
He's a great little dog looking for his loving new companion.

Here's Chocolate Chip leaving the clinic. Alive!

Adoption Fee: ₩70,000
Location: Pyeongtaek - 평택
Living Situation: In foster care


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This boy is a lively active and happy chappy. He loves his raw hides and is a very friendly boy. He loves playing with the dogs and whoever else he can engage.
Chocolate Chip is very handsome. Because he has a longer coat he will need a daily brush.
He just has the happiest disposition and always has a smile on his face. He shows no aggression. Chocolate Chip is just a really nice happy boy.
He would make a lovely companion. He gets on well with other dogs.

If you think you could provide Chocolate Chip with a loving home for the rest of his life, please contact Sofia at

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Chocolate Chip ~~

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December, 22, 2011

ClaireO's picture

Oh my. He is gorgeous.

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I filled out adoption papers yesterday and am hoping to give him a new home in 2012.....

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Any news? Chocolate Chip is such a sweetie! I have my fingers crossed for this boy...

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I will be back in Korea the last week of February so in about 5 weeks and I would love to be his new forever home.....

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Sorry for the delay updating for Chip! Chip is vaccinated and received another heart worm preventative this month. He is such a great little guy, fantastic with children. We did have to get him shaved down because his ears were so matted. Here are some updated pictures!

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Love this one!

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Thanks! And of course, thank you for rescuing him! I can't believe such a sweet loving dog got stuck at the pound. He is an amazing little man!

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Chocolate Chip's foster family decided to adopt him.

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Thank you for adopting him! What a lucky dog--a family and a doggie buddy, too!

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Haha, Our Boston has a bit more energy than chip, but they mostly end up licking each other all day anyways. It's really cute, they lick each others heads and stuff. Chip is so great. Yesterday, Gizmo (the Boston) had to stay overnight at the vet for complicated Neutering, and chip wasn't really himself. He missed him. We really wanted to foster to help the dogs, there are so many great dogs, but we can't help it, we fell in love!

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Soooo happy for Chip!! And for you guys!! Big hugs!!

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handsome lad