Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years old)
Gender: Male
Breed: Dachshund
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: Brown
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with dogs
  • House trained
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

Diego is a pure bred dapple daschund who loves to have fun, he is a very loving and energetic dog that always wants to give love and be loved. He has had a very sad past, it seems as if he had to fight for his food since he was a pup and it seems he was abused and never socialized in the correct manner.

Diego was saved from a high kill shelter north of Seoul, he had one week left to live then he would have been euthanized. I'm not too sure how long he was there for, as he developed little sores under his paws because he always stood in his urine and feces in the cage. But thankfully visits to the vet have helped him and he received medication to help heal those little wounds of his. At the shelter he was put in a cage with 5 other dogs, with one bowl of food, hence he had to fight for his food in the shelter too.

Diego needs a forever loving home and owners that will be patient and very understanding. His owners need to be assertive and firm with him because like any Daschund, Diego is strong-willed and minded. When Diego was fetched by me, his foster mommy from the shelter, he was so playful and a happy chappy. He stayed at home with his foster mommy for a week and his foster mommy decided to take him to a training school so he can learn manners and get basic obedience training. The training school has cost his foster mommy a lot, as well as vaccinations and visits to the vet. He was at the training centre for about 2 months and his trainer Mr Lee did a wonderful job on him. Diego knows and follows the commands of sit, down, stay, wait, heal (walk) and he also knows how to fetch and bring back toys. I am a very proud foster mommy! He walks confidently on the leash and he is friendly (on the odd occasion apprehensive) towards people he sees and dogs he sees when we go on our walks.

Diego is up to date with his vaccinations and heart worm treatments. His vet has cleared him of all worms and the biggest concern NO heart worm Yay!!! The vet is very happy to see that Diego is healthy. Diego has a healthy appetite, loves to drink water and more especially he loves to play. Please would you consider adopting this beautiful pure bred dapple daschund named Diego, he needs a forever loving home.

UPDATE: 17 October 2013
Diego visited a doggie play group today, he came back so happy.
Check out his videos:



UPDATE: 18 October 2013
Diego visited the doggie play group again today.
Check out more videos:


Update: 21 October 2013
Diego went to doggie play school this weekend, to make more friends and have fun.
Take a look at more videos:



Update: 23 October 2013
Diego is at play school again today. He is a very happy chappy and learning to have fun and relax.


BUT GOOD NEWS!! Diego will be going home with his new forever family tomorrow and hopefully he will settle in well and begin to enjoy his new life and family.

Adoption Fee: ₩200,000
Location: Icheon - 이천
Living Situation: In foster care


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More pics of Diego have been uploaded.

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I am wondering, based on your observations, if you think Diego has a submissive or dominant personality with other dogs? My current dog would not accept a dominant personality but she is okay with other dogs that don't mind being the lowest totem on the pole, so to speak.

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Hi. Diego like all daschunds thinks he is the man and thinks he is a big dog...haha but I think if the dog is female that he may live with, he should be submissive, he will probably try his luck and be dominant but from what I've seen he backs down if another dog male or female lets him know whose boss. Although he is stubborn he scares easily because of his past which I only know a little about and what I suspect has happened to him.