Dimitri is like a beautiful big teddy bear.Dimitri enjoyed a little swim to cool off in the hot weatherDmitri seems to love other animals even if they are half the size of his head.Gentle giant Dmitri meets the friendly kitten

Quick Bio

Age: Adult (3-8 years old)
Gender: Male
Breed: Spaniel (Cocker)
Size: Medium (7-20kg)
Colour: Black
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with kids
  • Good with dogs
  • Good with cats
  • House trained
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

* 5/25/2014
Dmitri's amazing foster mum has found him the best home. He will be going to live with a family friend back home. He will be loved and cherished as he should be. Good luck Dmitri we will miss you!

The amazing Mr Dmitri is a beautiful black cocker spaniel with a wonderful affectionate nature. He's calm and good walker. Some of our volunteers have fallen in love with this big guy.

Our of our volunteers had this to say about Dmitri
"Every so often a dog crosses your path and steals your heart. If you meet him, Dmitri will do exactly this to you. I promise.

He hasn’t had it easy, being born a black spaniel in Korea. You could say he was struck twice. But that hasn’t gotten him down in the least. Like any other double-struck dog, he doesn’t realize that his lot in life is probably worse than that of the pocket poodles and suitcase shih tzus that tend to populate the walking paths around the city. He remains a friendly, gentle teddy bear and if you give him the chance he’ll show you how special he is.

He’s a big boy. Probably a little too big at the moment. But luckily he does love a good walk. He pulls at first, but wouldn’t you if you were only getting out once a week on volunteer days? I know I would. I think after some regular walks he’ll fall in line and shed those extra pounds.

As I mentioned, he’s an absolute teddy bear. Despite being a bit larger than the average spaniel he has NO problem being picked up, carried, or sitting on a lap. He seems to really enjoy it, actually. He’s also great with other dogs as far as I’ve observed, even ones that show aggression towards him. He just does the usual sniff and that’s that.

If you open your heart and home to Dmitri I have no doubt that he will quickly become your best friend and greatest admirer. Please come out to BAPS to meet him. You won’t regret it."


If you are interested in adopting this dog, please go to the following link to learn about the BAPS policies and download the adoption form.


*Update April 27
Dimitri is looking for help! He's got a permanent home in the USA! He just needs the money to get there!

*Update April 3rd*
Dmitri is doing fantastically in foster care, he is now being trained to do a number of different things. He loves going for walks and he is a cuddle monster at night. He doesn't quite get why his foster mum has all the pillow and likes to share it sleeping side by side. He can be brought back to BAPS to meet any potential parents and his foster mum is more than happy to answer any questions you have about this gorgeous boy.

*Update March 23rd*
Dmitri is rocking it in foster care, he is truly awesome and doing very well. He has been fantastic and is learning fast. He just got a hair cut and looks even more gorgeous than ever. He loves to sleep cuddled up like a baby and showers his foster mum with love. She has been doing a lot of training with him and he will now sit and wait for his treats. He loves going out and walking with his foster mum and she loves teaching him new things.His eyes are now completely under control and just require standard eye drops. He improves every day and is apparently a pleasure to have around. He is very trainable and is house trained now. Dmitri is the dream that we knew he would be, he's such a sweet boy who loves all people. He will do fantastically in a home with someone who is willing to continue loving him as his foster mum does. It would be awful to see him go back to the shelter when he has come so far.

*Update 28th February*
Dmitri is doing great in his new home. He has been really adjusting well. His foster mum says that he is the perfect cuddle bug who likes to sleep with a pillow and a blanket like a human. He is a bad influence she warned as he doesn't like the alarm clock and will come in for one more snuggle. He is pee pad trained but likes to go outside when given the chance. He's also being neutered on Monday which should make him even more desirable. The best news though has been how great his eyes are. This gorgeous boy is loving all the TLC and his eyes are clearing up accordingly. His foster mum is willing to answer any questions about our teddy bear and is desperate to see him placed into a home before she leaves in May.

*Update February 25th *
Dmitri is really doing well in his foster home. Please be aware that this is a foster home so this poor guy is still looking for his forever family. At the moment his foster mum is giving him eye drops daily and he is looking great. In the space of four days there was already a visible difference, his eyes are improving daily. He is loving all the extra walks that he is going on and all the fuss. So far he has only had one accident in the house (that was due to a miscalculation of where the pee pad was) and has been doing great. He is also super quiet apparently in the apartment, the neighbours have commented on how good he has been. There is a dog apparently across the hall who is barking and Dmitri just looks disdainfully as he flops himself down and rests. He is proving himself to be the perfect foster pet, it would be great if we could give him the opportunity to be the perfect adopted pet.

A note from his foster mum- Dmitri has been with me for 8 days now. He is a very gentle, calm dog. He is very quiet and understands what his pee matts are for. He allows me to administer his drops very patiently and stoically accepts pats, cuddles, and treats afterwards. He is an excellent walker, and an even better snuggle buddy. He is okay to be left alone during the day, and has had very few accidents. He has been excellent with house guests and is very curious about other animals big & small. Barking is not a problem, Dmitri is a very quiet and patient boy. I have very much enjoyed his company and would love to see this little gentleman go to a loving and caring home.

*Update February 17th*
Dmitri is amazing! No one can resist his gorgeous personality and sweet disposition. He is a very gentle boy who seems to really enjoy being around people, he loves cuddles and it is clear that the happiest time in his life is when he is at the top of the hill sat down having a cuddle. He is fantastic and would be a brilliant asset in any home. Dmitri has never met a dog he didn't like at BAPS or even the chained ones, the same goes for humans and cats that he has encountered. He is such a special boy I can't understand why he is still waiting to find a special family. His eyes are the same as always, they aren't awful but he does need them cleaned daily, they literally take 5minutes (less if you are on top of it). Dmitri will be the most loving dog you could ever wish to encounter for that lucky person/people. Please consider making his year and giving this gorgeous boy some luck.

He is now in foster care for his eyes, we are hoping that we can have them cleaned every day by his foster mum and see immediate improvements. He stole her heart the other day and she immediately wanted to help him. It will be great to see how he does in a home he deserves even a short break away from the shelter.

*Update January 19th*
Dmitri did fantastically today. Once again he wowed volunteers and impressed them with his charm and gentle demeanor. He got out twice today and loved every minute of it. He's very calm and was amazing when we were putting on the harness. He is very calm and loves everyone. Dmitri would do fantastically with a family, his eyes still give him a little bit of trouble but it is easily remedied. Dmitri gets a little bit of gunk around his eyes but it is superficial. Dmitri needs to have his eyes cleaned every day, it only takes a minute or two and can be done with a wet cloth or cotton pad. While he has his eyes cleaned he is a teddy bear, he sits patiently waiting for you to finish. It is as if he knows that you are trying to help him and he will tolerate anything if you give him love in return. I can't understand how he hasn't been snapped up. He is genuinely one of the most adoptable dogs that I have ever met, he's an awesome dog who deserves the best shot at life.

*Update November 13th *
Dmitri is such a gentle fellow, he is lovely and shows real promise. While he is walking he likes to check on his human to see that they are doing okay. He is very caring and sweet and seems to bond with everyone he meets. He is such a special chap who really does deserve a forever family or at least someone to help him temporarily with his eye problems. Please consider coming along to meet him. From what we have seen he will be fine in a house with cat/cats or another dog, he is such a sweet guy who is just waiting to meet someone who knows he is the one for them.

*Update-Oct. 14th*

BAPS' resident teddy bear is doing well but continues to have his same old eye issues. Every single week he wows volunteers with his calm attitude and loving nature. But for some reason no one has made that extra special connection with this adoring and adorable future best friend.

Please consider Dmitri, even if it's just a medical foster to help clear his eyes. He's a wonderful soul and he'll give you nothing but love.

*Update-Sept. 1st*
Dmitri spent today's Sunday volunteer making friends with some newer volunteers and of course winning them over 100%. He's had a great shave as well that is really showing what a cute boy he is.

Of course his eyes continue to bother him. Fingers crossed that we can get him into at least a medical foster to see if we can clear up the issue in a home environment.

Such a big teddy bear! He really deserves a home.

*Update-August 14th*
Dmitri continues to have problems with his eyes. Every week at volunteer, we do our best to clean them out. When we do this we reveal the handsome guy underneath the gunk. But what he really needs is a home where he can get daily eye drops, at least for the foreseeable future. Our vet thinks it's probably related to dry eye issues and with those helpful drops he'll be doing loads better.

He is still the gentle, loveable teddy bear he was when he first arrived at BAPS. He gets along with every dog he is paired with as a cage-mate and has had zero issues when out walking.

If you're looking for that perfect best friend, this guy is it!

*Update-July 1st*
Dmitri is a true gentle giant. We found some abandoned kittens living near the shelter. When one of our volunteers went to check on them with Dmitri, he found that one of the kittens was very curious to meet to Dmitri. Check out the photos of Dmitri meeting the little kitten. At first the volunteer had Dmitri far back on a short lead but as the friendly kitten approached he could see that Dmitri was very gently sniffing the kitten who rolled on its back. It was amazing. The kitten was about half the size of big Dmitri's head. I think its likely that Dmitri would get on well with other animals, even much smaller dogs and cats. He also gets on really well with his small cage mate Ringo.

Dmitri is still having problems with his eyes and his looking for a foster home where he can receive regular eye drops. Dmitri is already a big teddy bear, imagine how wonderful this guy would be if he was healthy and in a home.

*Update- June 28th*
Dmitri is a turning out to be wonderfully sweet dog and he love cuddles. Despite his size Dmitri is very gentle and calm. When I opened his cage he didn't try to jump out or cower away like some other dogs, he slowly walked over to me. He waited calmly as I put his harness on. He was a little shy when it came to jumping down from his cage but had no problem letting me helping him out of his cage. He really is just a giant teddy bear of a dog. Dmitri is coping well in the shelter but physically he has a few simple problems that would be greatly helped by being in a home. He has some problems with dry eyes, we are giving him eye drops every Sunday and his eyes were looking slightly better but he really needs to get into a home where he can have regular eye drops to help with his dry eyes. Please, consider giving this beautiful and gentle dog a loving home.

Adoption Fee: ₩100,000
Location: Busan - 부산
Living Situation: In a shelter


Stephan's picture

My big man! Love this guy so much. He'd make the most amazing companion. I wish I had more room in my life for just one more dog. He would be it!

marlajoy's picture

He's really beautiful and seems absolutely lovely! I hope he finds a home soon! :)

Francesa's picture

I loved seeing how gentle Dmitri was with the kittens we found yesterday. He's such a sweet boy!

C.bell's picture

dmitri was wonderful today,
looking so handsome with his short hair!

Ashleigh's picture

Dmitri was a champ on Sunday, he was walking along with a new volunteer good as gold. He's so awesome!

Stephan's picture

Oh big man! You've always got a place in my heart. So happy to read good news about you. I know you'll make the perfect compaion for someone. <3