Quick Bio

Age: Puppy (under 1 year)
Gender: Male
Breed: Mix
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: White
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with kids
  • Good with dogs
  • House trained
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

Update: August 2013
Amazing news! Bruno's foster family have decided to become his forever family! Congratulations Bruno!! And thank you so very much for giving this little boy a second chance Yancy family! You have done an amazing job with him. I am SO HAPPY!! Thank you also to Kory, for always advocating for Bruno & ensuring he went to an amazing home!

Update: June 2013
Bruno is truly blossoming with the great care given by Kris and her family. Here is an adorable picture of Bruno with his new haircut! He tested negative for heart worm/ehrlichia/lyme and his fecal float test came back fine. He got his rabies, DHPP, Lepto, and bordetella vaccines and has been microchipped. He is also getting Advantix flea and tick treatment and has been started on Heartguard. He is healthy and well and weighs in at 14.8 lbs. Thank you again to the Yancy family for fostering this guy!

Update: May 2013
Bruno went home yesterday with Scott and Kris and their 2 children who all pitched-in to help out at the shelter. The health concerns at the shelter convinced them to foster Bruno with a serious eye towards adoption.
Scott is with the U.S. Air Force and agreed to take lucky Bruno to the base for a FULL work-up at the vet there to make sure he is in tip-top shape.

Update: April 2013
Needless to say, life is pretty rough for Bruno at the moment. Not only is his shelter in dire need of financial support, he has a very bad cough that is not being properly treated. Bruno needs a foster/forever home YESTERDAY! Please, if you don't have any pets, help this boy out. Temporary fostering is also an option at the moment as he needs medical treatment.

Update: February 2013
Bruno is still waiting patiently at the shelter for a forever home. While he's looking pretty scruffy these days, a little TLC would be all it takes to get him back to his original radiant self. Luckily, his personality hasn't suffered as much as his coat has! He is still excited as ever to see anyone willing to spend some time with him. Will you be the one to take this little guy home?

All the shelter volunteers agree. This dog should be in a forever home, not caged up in a shelter! He is too friendly, too affectionate, and too happy to be in such a sad, lonely place. This past weekend, some awesome volunteers helped Bruno get a trim and a good brush. He absolutely loved all of the attention! He started as an adorable ball of white fur, but time at the shelter means a duller coat, more matted fur, and I'm afraid about how his bright little soul will be affected staying at the shelter. Please be the one to save this beautiful boy. You couldn't ask for a more loving animal companion.

Bruno is still looking for a forever home. He would make a perfect apartment companion- compact and oh so lovable. Now, his coat is getting longer and so cute and scruffy! At first, he is all excitement and squirmy wriggles, but once he settles down, there is nothing he wants more than to sit on your lap and cuddle. He's been so lonely without his friend Alfred. This dog does NOT belong in a shelter!!!

Update: January 2013
Can you believe this little guy hasn't been snatched up yet? His friend Alfred was taken into foster care yesterday, which means Bruno is very cold and lonely living by himself. Won't you give him a home? Yesterday, he was given lots of love by volunteers who couldn't resist this shaggy little pup's bubbly personality. Later, he sat on my lap by the fire and gave me kisses while literally wagging the entire back half of his body! Ladies, I warn you. This boy is a HEARTBREAKER!

UPDATE: Bruno now has his own profile! Last week, my friend and I took Bruno and Alfred out for a walk. It was a little tricky getting Bruno's halter on because he was just so excited, he couldn't sit still. This guy has an absolutely hilarious personality. He was practically skipping as we took our walk and stopped to try and play with every dog he saw. He has a lot of energy packed into a small body, so walking him was a little tricky. He still needs to learn to stay to one side rather than underfoot. We also took a little jog and you would never believe how fast those little legs can go! After we took a break, he spent a lot of time jumping in and out of my lap and giving me puppy kisses. He's a rambunctious little ball of fur who would love a forever home and someone to laugh at his silly antics. Please give this scruffy little cutie a chance!

Alfred and Bruno have only very recently been brought to Asan shelter. In an unfortunate fire, their previous owner decided to put them up for adoption since they could no longer be cared for.

These two dogs are currently living together in one pen because they seem much more comfortable being with each other. This being said, having them adopted together would be WONDERFUL, but not necessarily mandatory. Last week, both of these pups were two favorite walking buddies for 2 groups of high school students that came to volunteer. These dogs are very friendly and get along with people and other dogs alike.

Bruno spent a lot of last Saturday being cuddled in the sun by volunteers. He was also taken on lots of walks and really enjoyed all of the attention. He seems to be a bit older than Bruno and also seemed a little more attached to Alfred.

Adoption Fee: ₩130,000
Location: Seoul - 서울
Living Situation: In foster care
Adopted From: Asan Shelter


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Bruno is *so cute* and adorable! Definitely come and meet this wonderful boy at Asan Shelter! You will fall in love immediately~!

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Aw, this poor sweetie lost his buddy! Hopefully he'll find a home soon, too! :)

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I was interested in fostering this pup, how can I start the process?

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Hi Dalyn, I'm not sure if your question was answered, but just in case, you would need to read the following: which gives you all the info. :)

The contact people for Bruno are Kory Darlington: [email protected] and
Allison Young: [email protected] - you can contact both of them via e-mail.

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Bruno loved being loved!
23 March 2013

23 March 201323 March 2013
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Bruno went home yesterday with Scott and Chris and their 2 children who all pitched-in to help out at the shelter. The health concerns at the shelter convinced them to foster Bruno with a serious eye towards adoption.

Scott is with the U.S. Air Force and agreed to take lucky Bruno to the base for a FULL work-up at the vet there to make sure he is is in tip-top shape.

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Wonderful news to add to my already wonderful weekend! Thanks, Scott, Chris and family!!!! :)

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Is Bruno up for adoption?