Sophia (formerly Dusty)

Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years old)
Gender: Female
Breed: Mix
Size: Medium (7-20kg)
Colour: Brown
Adoption Status: Adopted

Congratulations Sophia!

Her foster dad has decided to adopt her! Thank you for all your patience and kindness, George! I'm so happy to know she has found her forever home.

Update: March 2013

From her foster dad:
1. Just got her back from the vet, negative for heartworm and she's got all her shots done. Very quiet during the whole thing and didn't make a fuss at all!
She does limp a little on her left front leg, the vet couldn't feel what was wrong since Sophia tensed up but the vet prescribed anti-inflammatory medication for a week to see if anything changes.
I've got her on a waiting list to be spayed but I'll look around and see if I can do it elsewhere in the meantime. She'll be getting booster shots in a month.

2. She's very good in general, especially on walks. I was scared she'd defecate all over my apartment when she wouldn't get up to walk around at the shelter or in the apartment.

3. She lets me pet her and is very comfortable with me and she's gotten much less jumpy.
She's not scared of other dogs, I let her play with this other puppy that we see on walks though she doesn't have much interest in playing. I let my friends walk her on weekdays so she's getting used to "strangers" handle her though it's taking longer for her to warm up to them.

4. I haven't gotten around to training her because she's still wary of taking food/treats out of my hand, I'll let her get completely used to me first. And she doesn't understand toys so all she usually does is lay around and wait for people to give her attention. Haven't heard a single bark out of her and she apparently potty trained herself.

**A few weeks later** She's doing great and is warming up to me very well. Really glad she potty trained herself, I was expecting way worse. Still a little shy since my last update but now she takes treats from me...she even stood on her hind legs to get one from my hand earlier tonight!

Update February 2013: From an Asan Shelter Volunteer: Incredible day for Dusty!! Not only did she go to a foster home, she courageously tried out being walked on her harness and leash for the very first time! She was rather nervous in the beginning, but after a little bit of patience and spending some time with her outside her pen she began to enjoy herself. Thank you George for giving her this chance!

Despite the cold weather and less than perfect conditions, Dusty is still smiling. She is scheduled to get a health check soon, so fingers crossed that she will be 110% and ready for a foster/forever home!

Update January 2013: Dusty has been moved to a bigger cage on the hill and seems much happier for it, but not as happy as she would be with a loving family. She is such a beautiful dog who cannot stop wagging her tail and smiling, despite the freezing cold weather. She is still shy about being pet, but loves treats and company. She literally bounds around with excitement whenever anyone stops to say hello to her. Please give this girl a chance!!!

Update December 2012: Dusty is so cold this winter. Won't you please come and visit her? Despite the chilly temperatures, she is always SO excited to see visitors. She still is shy about petting, but her wagging tail and smiling face can't lie. She WANTS to be your best friend. She just needs someone who is willing to help her get there!

Dusty is an adorable mix who is hiding up on the hill at Asan shelter. She's a very energetic dog (hence the blurry photos) and loves having company. She literally can't sit still because of her excitement! She is quite shy and feigns away from petting, but will gladly take eggs and any other treats right out of your hand. It's as though she wants to run up and give kisses, but can't get up enough courage to take the leap. This girl could really turn into a fun-loving jogging partner in time, but first she just needs someone who is willing to spend some QT with her in her pen. Life in a shelter is not easy and Dusty needs to learn how great a human companion can be. Please come by the shelter and visit this sweetie!

Adoption Fee: ₩70,000
Location: Asan - 아산
Living Situation: In a shelter
Adopted From: Asan Shelter


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Dusty makes me want to be 2 people with 2 homes so I could take in more animals and give them the love they so deserve :)

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Any updates on Dusty from her foster home?

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Ooooohh!!! Amazing!!! Her foster dad is just awesome! Thank you!

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Adopted! Yay, Dusty/Sophia!! :) I'd love to see some more recent pictures!! :)

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Oh how wonderful!! Congratulations Sophia! So happy to hear she stole George's heart. No surprises there!