Lookin' handsome!
Bennett getting a shampooJune 7: I'm ready! Could you bring me home?June 6 2014: Thanks for the treat Clare! May 15 2014: Relaxing and checking out the sceneMar 4 2014: My shelter days are really behind me??1 Jan 2014: Do you have good news for me?Bennett is SO handsome! 9 Feb 2014Incredibly Handsome!!!Bennett hiding from the volunteers. :(Handsome Bennett has a VERY curly tail!Bennett has gone through a lot!In his new home!

Quick Bio

Age: Adult (3-8 years old)
Gender: Male
Breed: Mix
Size: Medium (7-20kg)
Colour: Orange
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with dogs
  • Three legger
Adoption Status: Adopted

***Bennett made it to CANADA**
Thanks to Mr Shim of Anydogschool for escorting him home!

22 July 2014
Yay! Bennett made it to his new home in Canada! He is doing well already. Thanks to everyone for your support and help. Happy future Bennett and new mom Rachel! :D

30 June 2014
Bennett is going home! July 22 to be exact! And the courier! and mr shim his trainer! it just so happened we had flights booked to california already (except on united...booo...false advertising on their website about pet travel rates...booo!) so with some pleading and dancing and hours and hours spent on the phone and with his lovely new adopter, we have figured out a way to get him home (asiana...yay! westjet...yay!) Please support my fat loss 30 day challenge with your kindest and most "we are the champions" style cheers so I can bring home the fundraising bacon :D

27 June 2014
Great news! Bennett has found a wonderful new owner wanting to work with him patiently to help him become the lovebug he is destined to be! What a lucky guy!!! Now all he needs is a ride to Calgary! Whoop Whoop! Stay tuned for details...

22 June 2014
Bennett is going to get his neutering surgery today, so got a shampoo and blow dry. He looks happy, doesn't he? He'd be SO much happier with a home to call his own! Can you help?

4 June 2014
Bennett just can't get a break!
He has made it so far, he now SMILES all the time and accepts treats!
But his foster home in San Diego has fallen through, through no fault of Bennett's. He would be heartbroken if he wasn't enjoying the stability and relaxation of the training center so much.


I'll be honest: it's crunch time. His guardian angels in America and Korea are SCRAMBLING to find him a stable foster or forever home where he can continue the great progress his little wee soul has made since being at the training school. His current situation is NOT SUSTAINABLE for much longer. It would break him to go back to the shelter, maybe unrecoverably. Could you offer him the love, patience, and stability he is looking for, or otherwise help team Bennett? He's come so far, he's such a kind-hearted gentle Jindo, he's truly a miracle waiting to happen.

Please contact Karin ([email protected]), Clare, or Allison with any queries (see email addresses below by clicking CONTACT). Team Bennett is well-prepared to fly him wherever the right home awaits. Please let's Bring Bennett Home!

8 May 2014
Bennett is doing so well at the school, day by day. He is starting to trust his trainer, and gets out for long-lead walks without a fuss. He loves sniffing the other dogs through the fence, especially the ladies! Bennett, who knew you were so sexy and suave? Never a barker and not aggressive, he's not so keen on big male dogs, and his disability probably has a lot to do with that. Seriously, this is one beautiful dog, people. He's starting to realize that life might not be all bad! Slowly slowly he's coming out of his shell!

18 April 2014
Bennett, how's school? Are they treating you well? A resounding YES! So you wouldn't mind a little delay if your home in the USA was made spic and span for your arrival? Not at all? OK then! Get ready to fly in May!!!

14 March 2014
Bennett is going to school! Yes he's been sponsored for a month's training before he flies to the USA. What a lucky boy! And it seems the open space suits him well. What do you think?


He's still wary of humans so his trainers will be taking it verrrry slowly until Bennett is comfortable. The goal is to have him start to realise people can be trusted before he goes to a new home in the USA.

4 March 2014
Health status:
- heartworm negative
- corona and parvo negative
- received DHPPL & Rabies vaccinations

Some amazing news for Bennett! Thanks to a special team of people sharing his profile and networking on his behalf, Bennett has (finally) found an amazing forever home in the USA! Bennett went for a full health check yesterday, sponsored by the very kind Marla Larivee & Nahnhy Hyong. Thank you ladies! Now all we need is a courier to get Bennett to his new home. If you know anyone flying to LAX from Incheon, please please put them in touch with me! It has to be on or after the 4th of April to allow his Rabies vaccination to kick in.

3 Mar 2014
Bennett may be going to school! Stay posted on some exciting news for our gentle red Jindo!

9 Feb 2014
We visited Bennett today and he is doing the same as always. Bored and lonely. He looks just as beautiful as ever and is hoping someone will offer to foster him so that we can send him to school. He'd love that! Check out his new pics & a video in the comments section below.

7 Feb 2014
Bennett is still waiting at the shelter and as every day goes by, he gets more and more scared. He has been there too long. Why? I don't know. I suppose some people might be put off by his very timid nature, his size, his mangled foot or a combination of all of the above.

That said, I just KNOW that there is someone out there who will see past all those things. Are you that someone?

The ideal match for Bennett would be someone without young children or other animals. Someone who has patience & can respect his boundaries. Someone who does not have a lot of visitors in and out of their home on a constant basis. Someone who wants the great satisfaction that comes with fostering or adopting a scared & timid dog. (Believe me, the first time that tail wags at you, you'll be bringing out the camera and updating your Facebook status!)

Bennett is a miracle waiting to happen. Please give him a chance! Please contact Clare or Allison if you can help. Contact details below. :)

12 Nov 2013
Bennett has a few angels looking out for him. One has put some money towards a health check for him & another would like to send him to the doggy school. Bennett is an extremely special, shy (scared!) dog. He has an injured foot (goodness only knows what happened to him before his life at the shelter). You can tell that he WANTS to trust. When someone goes into his cage he scuttles to the back corner but if the person doesn't go away he slowly, slowly comes over (especially if there are treats involved!).

We would love to see Bennett get the heck out of the shelter. Can you help? We need to have a foster or forever home lined up for when he leaves school, as the very LAST thing we want to do is send him back to the shelter after getting out for while & building up his confidence. PLEASE contact me if you feel you could help:

If you are interested in fostering or adopting Bennett, please fill out, completely, the foster/adoption application located here: and email to me.

15 July 2013
Bennett is still at the shelter...still being (mostly) overlooked because he is so shy. :( Please come out and dedicate a good few hours to sitting in his pen and getting him used to people! One volunteer, who has since gone back to Canada, was able to get Bennett to take food from his hand. Bennett just needs to be given a chance to shine!

17 April 2013
Bennett is enduring some growing pains as of late. Mr. Park moved Gorgeous in Starsky's place so now Ben has a new neighbor and he is not too happy. I think he is a little overwhelmed by her beauty and is being slightly cranky. Maybe this weekend we can work on proper introductions... "treat, Bennett, Bennet, treat"

02 April 2013
A wonderful volunteer came the other week and spent some much needed time with Bennett. She has also pledged more money to his added health check cost and we have decided that the remaining fees will be covered by the emergency fund to get him checked out including x-rays.

I would really like to see this boy in a foster home with another dog. He really comes out of his shell and is more trusting of humans in the area when their is another dog to help ease his fears.

13 February 2013
I have been away from the shelter for a bit working with my new foster pup, so have not kept up with Bennett. The cost of the health checks have gone up and so we had to raise some additional funds to cover his health check in addition to our first sponsorship. Hopefully in the next two weeks, we will get Bennett into the vet for his health check and x-rays of that arm.

It is clear after last month that he does indeed have great potential. Please consider fostering Bennett!!!

23 January 2013
Bennett is still as terrified of people as always, but when I got into his neighbors pen last weekend and called Bennett over, he happily came over and smelled and licked my hand. I always seem to forget that these dogs are social animals and they gain confidence from other dogs and learn from them. He was able to Starsky playing and getting loving from me and was happy to come over when he was with me. Please consider pulling Bennett to foster. I am afraid that it is a true possibility that he will live the remainder of his life in that... shelter.

Bennett giving hand kisses:

30 December 2012
THANK YOU Marla Larrivee for donating the money to get x-rays/health check for Bennett. We will get with the owner of the shelter this coming weekend to get the date set to take him to the vet. It will be nice to have some more information on the health of this sad boy. Shy dogs can be helped! Please consider fostering if you do not already have animals of your own!

24 December 2012
I have not spent any quality time with Bennett as of late, but a few wonderful volunteers have taken time to sit and talk with him. He needs a lot of work as he has very clearly not had any experience with human contact or at least not any good experience. He is very scared and will do anything to move away when with him. I hope that more volunteers come to visit him in the upcoming months! I also believe that a health check came through for him, I just need to get on the ball and confirm and get him into the doc for some x-rays and tests. Keep your fingers crossed that he is a healthy boy!

12 November 2012
I was very grateful to an already busy volunteer today who took time to sit with Bennett and feed him some much loved eggs. He was still keeping a distance from people and he actually barked at her; normally he just stays hidden. Another amazing woman, who has already adopted two dogs from Asan and who is currently fostering 2 kittens has volunteered to pay for his health check! This will allow us to find out more information, get him a rabies vaccination and a round of DHLPP as well as some x-rays to find out more about that arm!

Again, we are in desperate need of volunteers willing to come and just sit with some of our more shy dogs like Bennett. Bring some treats, a book or game player and just sit with him. Let him know that we are not there to hurt him.


06 November 2012
Bennett is a new addition to the Asan family. He is a young mix brought from the local kill pound. He has clearly had some form of trauma to his front left leg. From looking at it it looks like it in not in joint and the bottom around the ankle is completely curved inward. He cannot use the leg to put weight on. It does not seem like a new injury and could be something old that has not set correctly or an old injury. We will not know until he is sponsored for a health check, which would include x-rays.

He is a very shy boy and will hide behind his house when I go in with food or treats. I plan to make time in the next few visits to sit with him more. The most I have gotten with him is sitting in his pen while he ate some kibble.

If you are interested in learning more about Bennett or being his health sponsor, please email Clare Mills, [email protected].

If you are interested in fostering or adopting Bennett, please fill out, completely, the foster/adoption application located here: and email to me.

HEALTH CHECK donated by Marla Larrivee (12/2012)

Adoption Fee: ₩100,000
Location: Asan - 아산
Living Situation: Boarding
Adopted From: Asan Shelter


marlajoy's picture

Hey Guillian, I just sent you an e-mail.

marlajoy's picture

Poor baby - the video breaks my heart.

marlajoy's picture

Any news on Bennett? Did he make it to the vet yet?

Hunt's picture

Hey Marla! I got your email! Didnt read it yet, but will get to you! this week about it!!! Sorry I am slow!

allisondyoung's picture

Bennett is still painfully shy, but I'd like to be optimistic and say he is getting a little bit better. I sat in his pen with him for awhile on Saturday, and he wasn't as skittish or vocal as he has been in the past. I think this guy really needs someone who can teach him how to trust and love.

marlajoy's picture

Gosh, I wish it could be me! Just look at his face! He really wants to open up and love!!!

marlajoy's picture

Has he not been to the vet yet?! It has been over 2 months! Hopefully he makes it there soon because knowing his health status could bump up his adoptability! :)

graycla's picture

I spent about 1.5-2 hours sitting with Bennet in his cage and feeding him small eggs today. He is such a shy, but curious dog. This was the 2nd time I have hung out with him in his cage, and this time I was able to get him to take eggs right out of my hand as long as they were flat and I looked the other way. I wish I could take him home with me! If only I had the time he needs to trust people again! He is really a sweet dog. I know he is capable of becoming a great pet if there is someone out there who can designate the time he needs and deserves. :)

marlajoy's picture

I will be crossing my fingers for the health check and hoping that there is nothing too serious going on with him! He deserves a clean bill of health!! :)

Moomin71's picture

I came to Asan on Saturday and this guy totally melted my heart, he was sooo shy and timid, he wouldn't take treats from me but would only dart out and grab them when I moved away :~( Will definitely spend more time with him when we come back to the shelter in a couple weeks - he seems like he could be such a sweetie given some tlc.

matthew4694's picture

Another special needs pup on the hill that is warming up with the persistence of awesome volunteer, Glenn.

marlajoy's picture

So wonderful!! Thank you, Glenn! :)

matthew4694's picture

Such a gorgeous dog!

marlajoy's picture

Has he STILL not had his health check?!

clare_bell's picture

Hey Marla, I'm working on it! :(

Sofia's picture
marlajoy's picture

Oh my gosh. Those poor dogs! They are totally lacking in healthy stimulation, a comfortable place to rest, and place where they can go to the bathroom away from where they lie down..... Those poor dears. :(

clare_bell's picture

Julie & I went to visit Bennett on New Year's Day. Here's hoping 2014 is Bennett's year!! Look how handsome he is.

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marlajoy's picture

He really is a gorgeous dog. There is a real intelligence in his eyes.

clare_bell's picture

Bennett still waits and waits...patiently...every he has done for the last 3 or 4 years. Please give him a home!

Handsome Bennett will be an amazing addition to your family!
marlajoy's picture

I'm so scared that Bennett is going to be another one of those dogs that just dies because he can't wait any longer. He deserves so much more than he currently has.

clare_bell's picture

Some amazing news for Bennett! Thanks to a special team of people sharing his profile and networking on his behalf, Bennett has (finally) found an amazing forever home in the USA! YAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!! Bennett went for a full health check yesterday, sponsored by the very kind Marla Larivee & Nahnhy Hyong. Thank you ladies!

Health status:
- heartworm negative
- corona and parvo negative
- received DHPPL & Rabies vaccinations

Now all we need is a courier to get Bennett to his new home. If you know anyone flying to LAX from Incheon, please please put them in touch with me! It has to be on or after the 4th of April to allow his Rabies vaccination to kick in.

Bennett going for his health check - 4 March 2014Great bloodwork!
marlajoy's picture

You made my week, Clare! That is so amazing! Hopefully someone will step up soon and he'll be on his way!! :)

Ceal1986's picture

Will Bennet be staying at the shelter until he flys to California or will he be sent to school?

clare_bell's picture

Thanks to a very special person, Karin M., Bennett will stay a month at the doggy hotel/school becoming accustomed to some TLC before heading out to the USA. Finally, things are going his way! Thank you Karin!

Bennett going to school :)Bennett at schoolBennett's new sister in the USA <3 :)
swi1818's picture

Bennett isn't learning tricks; he's learning about trust. The trainers are taking it easy on him. They're more concerned about creating a relationship with him than anything else at this stage. His main trainer is able to pet him a bit, but for the most part, Bennett still prefers some distance. Here he is running on an extra long lead. He may still be a little uncomfortable, but at least he is safe, clean, and well taken care of. He has a group of people who fully support him. What a relief!

clare_bell's picture

Not good news for Bennett: his home in San Diego has fallen through due to the temperament of the owner's current rescue dog. :'( Now we are scrambling to find him a foster or forever home in the US or Canada that's willing to love this fellah unconditionally. He has come on LEAPS and BOUNDS at the training school! But it's not a permanent solution. Can you help? Do you know any animal support agencies in your area specializing in special needs doggies? If so please contact Karin: [email protected]!

marlajoy's picture

Wonderful, wonderful news about finally getting him to Canada!! Yay, Bennett and yay, all the people who have worked so hard to find him a wonderful home! :)