Mr. Lunch

Mr. Lunch--her cuteness cannot really be captured in a photo
Mr. Lunch, font of eternal cutenessMr. Lunch on the prowl

Quick Bio

Age: Senior (over 9 years)
Gender: Female
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Colour: Grey & White
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with kids
  • Litter trained
Adoption Status: Adopted

update: The situation is getting more critical. She absolutely must be out of her current place by mid-January. The cat shelter is unable to take her as they are full. I am trying to coordinate her adoption from outside Korea, begging, exploring every option, but I am running out of hope. I know there are many worthy kitties up for adoption, and I certainly appreciate someone choosing a kitten over an older cat. Please consider Mr.Lunch if you are looking for a mellow kitty companion who is all grown up and over her difficult teenage years :) You will not regret bringing this tender soul into your life.

Feel free to email me (Sarah) with any questions, leads, or ideas.

Mr. Lunch is a lovely 11 yr old girl who is urgently in need of a new home. She has been a wonderful companion, and I am so sad that she cannot be with me. My attempts to bring her with me to Europe were thwarted by red tape and logistical issues. She cannot stay in her current place past January 10th.
A new home was lined up for her but fell through at the last minute. I am desperate to find someone to adopt her, or to foster her until I can find her a permanent home.

Here are her specs:
She is a diffuse calico, grey flecked with tan, with white paws and a white bib. She is quite plump. Her fur is very soft.
She has been spayed and micro-chipped.
She is healthy, her shots are up to date.
Adoption fee : 50, 000 won
Adoption fee will be donated to the animal welfare organization of your choice.

A little more detail:
I left Korea for Europe in 2010 and was unable to take her with me. I returned to Korea in the summer intending to bring her back to Hungary with me. Due to a miscommunication, she had not had a required tests done in time. I was forced to leave her behind. My current living situation make it impossible for me to import her. I would love to have her with me, but it's just not possible. As much as I miss her, I will be overjoyed when she finds a new loving home.

For the past few years she has been an inside kitty. In her childhood days in Canada, she enjoyed roaming in the garden. She would be happy to have a garden, but she is now well-adjusted to apartment living. She enjoys quiet time sitting near humans (she doesn't really care for laps), and sometimes likes to sit on the belly of a sleeping human.

She loves being petted and scratched behind her ears, being spanked on the flank, eating cat grass, napping in the sun, and nibbling the occasional tentacle of roasted squid. She is a delightful companion.

Please feel free to contact me (Sarah) or Nick (her foster dad) for any further information, or if you would like to hear more about how Mr. Lunch would make the perfect addition to your household.

Adoption Fee: ₩50,000
Location: Seoul - 서울
Living Situation: In foster care


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If the situation becomes dire and Mr. Lunch really needs someone to take him in, I will take him in for you. I worry about taking in an animal because I am not home very often, however considering Mr. Lunch is an older kitty, I'm sure he won't mind as long as he has a place to stay. I realize how you must feel because I have a kitty back home who is about his age and she's my baby and I'd be heart broken if I couldn't find her a home... Therefore if you cannot find someone, please let me know.

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oh thank you!!--i have had no offers, so i may need to take you up. it's been brutally hard trying to coordinate everything from overseas, and i've exhausted my resources, pretty much begging anyone i even vaguely know to put the word out. could you email me? i could give you more information to help you make a decision.
mr.lunch is fine on her own, though she is always appreciative when a human is around. (yes, she's a girl, despite her name). she's quite mellow and sleeps a lot. [email protected]. thanks so much, sarah

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Could you post any more pics of her?

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She seems super cute from the other pictures. Does she mind getting picked up? What about other cats?

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she is insanely cute! (though i admit to being biased). she's not crazy about being picked up. maybe it's her independent streak--she always likes to have the choice. she does love being pet. i used to feel sad that she wasn't a lap kitty, but over the years i began to appreciate her more reserved way of showing affection toward her humans. and she certainly does show it--it's just more subtle.
as for other cats--hmmm. twice she lived with other cats. once she was the dominant one; the other time she was tormented by my mother's black male kitten. i'm not sure how she would do with other cats. i think it would depend on the personalities of all of them.

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Is she a purrer?

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she's not much of a fact, she never purred whe she was younger. then a few years ago she seemed to be trying to learn. but the purrs sound more like squeaks. i don't know how else to describe it....

i'm happy to say that i've been getting some interest from folks inquiring about adopting her--still in the preliminary stages, but i am keeping my fingers crossed. i will be so happy when my fat little furball is finally in a stable home.

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Has she found a forever home, yet? *fingers crossed*

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thanks for asking! just today she has moved to a new place and her new 'dad' says she is adjusting well. so here's hoping the cutest kitty ever (with every other kitty being a close second) has found her forever home :) i miss her, but if she's happy and safe, and bringing joy to someone, those are the most important things.

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I hope it works out and she's happy in her new home.

When you feel that the adoption is complete could you change the profile's adoption status to "Adopted" ? Thanks!