Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years)
Gender: Male
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Colour: Brown & White
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with kids
  • Litter trained
Adoption Status: Adopted

Tofu needs a forever home!
Help this fun, loving fur ball find a happy home.
I have been babysitting/fostering this handsome little guy for the past 9 months. The original agreement with his owner was for 6 months while out of the country working. I haven't heard from him in the past 3 months. Sadly, according to mutual acquaintances, it's best that I find the little guy a new home.
Tofu (or Doboo in Korean) is about a year old. Since I've had him, I've gotten him fixed and up to date on all vaccinations. He's a very affectionate cat. Loves to cuddle and LOVES to play any time. He's not at all standoff-ish like some cats. He can fetch, come when called, sit, and "shake" on command. Tofu's one weak point is that I haven't been able to convince him to use any sort of scratching post for more than a few seconds. He prefers yoga mats to scratch (not too bad-fairly cheap) and you should keep his nails trimmed. This lovable little guy isn't a special breed but he needs love too! He is such a sweet baby. I'd love to find him a forever home. Sadly, its a bit urgent. I leave in early September (waited til the last minute to try this approach- I REALLY hoped his owner would come back).

Adoption Fee: ₩50,000
Location: Busan - 부산
Living Situation: In foster care