MIKE (aka Handsome Husky)

Quick Bio

Age: Adult (3-9 years)
Gender: Male
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Colour: Grey & White
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with kids
  • Good with dogs
  • Good with cats
  • Litter trained
Adoption Status: Adopted

***FINAL UPDATE*** Mike's foster momma has decided Mike is the kitty for her and will become his FOREVER Momma as of NOW! Hip Hip Hooray for Mike and His Momma!!! <3 YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike, still handsome, still a big furry bag of love, still a machine of cuddles.

Mike continues to be a wonderful flat mate and his foster momma continues to bask in his lovliness. Hope Mike finds a forever home that is as lovely as his current foster home! No need to hesitate if you're thinking of Mike, he is a love machine. Get it while it's hot! meow.

Mike is doing wonderfully in foster care. His foster momma proper loves him! She puts a chic harness on him and they hang out happily on the roof of her building. Mike LOVES the sunshine!! And he continues to be a serious cuddle muffin. He makes cuteness exude from the end of every piece of fur on his plush body, it is difficult to leave him each morning!

Wildly affectionate Handsome Husky needs some sweet sweet lovin'.

Just by glancing at his photos you can see he is a whole lot of soft wonderful love!

I've come to call him Mike because of his grand size and petite voice... just like Mike Tyson.

One of 4 cats abandoned by an irresponsable foreigner, he is in need! He originally hailed from a shelter, then spent a year living with one irresponsible foreigner and three other feline friends. Now his human's plans don't include him (unless you think "leaving a pile of kibble and the four felines in a field" an appropriate plan for domestic, indoor cats), he will be homeless by Friday March 22nd.

Husky is a large and in charge kind of kitty who likes his posse to back him and humans to love him. He's got a thirst for love and affection that warms all hearts. He commands the room with his hawk eyes, dominant nature, and captivating good looks. This cat is a heart throb ~ handsome and loyal!!

He will be boarding at the vet for about a week at which time he will be neutered. After that time, he desperately needs a home to go to. He would love to keep you company and meow sweet nothings in your ear all day!

I'll update Husky's health situation as it progresses at the vet's. He has never been to a vet's before... so let's keep our fingers crossed it all goes well for dear Handsome Husky.

Husky awaits your call, he wants you to know he'd much rather be with you than at a shelter again and how much he already cares about you.

***UPDATE MARCH 22nd*** Husky's dashing good looks and affectionate manor scored him a really nice foster home!! This coming week he'll be getting fixed in ChunCheon then moving to the hustle and bustle of big city life, Seoul with an equally wonderful human. More happy news to come hopefully!!


***APRIL 6th***Mike is now comfortably living with his longterm foster momma in Seoul. He is king of the home! Loves to cuddle and only gets a little vocal in the mornings when his foster momma has to leave the nest ~ he's happiest in cuddly company! I'll keep the updates coming as he continues on his path of great domesticity.

Adoption Fee: ₩100,000
Location: Seoul - 서울
Living Situation: In foster care


megs's picture

Poor little guy. I really love the picture of him on his back. Haha, kitty tummy!

marlajoy's picture

I LOVE that picture too! What a lovely soul this guy has!!! Why can't I have enough space, time and love to give ALL these animals a wonderful home?! :)

echsmith's picture

He is a total sweet heart!! Loves to love and be loved!! And there is lots of him to love! Whoop!

Amanda24601's picture

Oh yayyyy! I was worried about these cats all week!!!! Sick to my stomach actually, thinking about them being abandoned and how bewildered and terrified they'd be. Thank goodness!

dbis's picture

Had my fingers crossed all week for handsome Husky. Excellent to hear things worked out for him! Yay!!! I hope he'll get to experience a more permanent loving home soon. Good luck Husky!

Thank you Emily for everything you did for these four wonderful cats. Good karma is coming your way! Unlike the idiot who wanted to abandon these fantastic four in a field...

echsmith's picture

Husky's been at my place actually since last Thursday (so just under a week). He's warmed up to my dog's existence! And he is just SO NICE. He is so personable it's craziness! Loves a cuddle then is fine just curling up and chilling. AMAZING CAT. I'm not even really a cat person but he's so nice.
haha as I'm typing this, he sidles over, lays down next to me, gives me a cute little mew and a gentle pet then rolls onto his back!!! HEART IS MELTING.

It's nice to do the right thing eh, I'm enjoying the moments I get to spend with the Fantastic 4 (great nick name!!). The good karma is here right now! ^^