Tiger concentrating hard on the destruction of the "toy"

Quick Bio

Age: Kitten (under 1 year )
Gender: Male
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Colour: Orange
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with cats
  • Litter trained
Adoption Status: Adopted


After a terrific afternoon at Asan Shelter yesterday I am thrilled to report the successful adoption of this handsome boy by Kelli Hughes from Long Beach, CA. Kelli moved to Daejeon recently and now has a terrific new roommate - who was actually on his second go-round in foster care.

After posting profiles on Craigslist Seoul, Kelli actually came to visit PEA last weekend and Tiger ended up stealing the show. Super-smart and friendly, I guess it was a match meant to be from the beginning...

Congratulations and best wishes to Kelli and Tiger. Thank you for choosing a shelter animal and giving a loving kitty like Tiger a second second-chance!

UPDATE: March 7

Unfortunately Tiger was recently returned to his foster home in Daejeon and is available for adoption. After a week the new adopter found they weren't a good match for his (not Tiger's) particular situation. Since then Tiger has been neutered and has received his first round of vaccinations. Stay tuned for more updates from his foster!!! Please consider this amazing cat!!


UPDATE: February 9

Wonderful news, gorgeous Tiger was adopted today!!!! Yay!!! Thank you Mike for giving Tiger a fighting second chance!!! It was fantastic to see Tiger today, all healthy and playful. He has a great life ahead of him!


UPDATE: January 12

Yay!!! Lucky Tiger has found a foster home! Playful mischievous Tiger is settling in well and already is looking more relaxed And no wonder, this is their first time that they haven't been in some kind of confined space! Tiger has recovered after being at the vets and is just wanting to play and receive all the cuddles he can get! Thank you Daniel for giving him a warm loving home! I have a good feeling about Tiger's future!

And MANY THANKS AGAIN to everyone who kindly donated towards Tiger and the other kitten's vet expenses for the last couple of weeks. This really enabled to give them a good fighting chance in life! Please consider giving this adorable kitty a forever home! Tiger would make a wonderful companion!


UPDATE: January 8

Tiger is ready to leave the vets!!!



UPDATE: January 3

Tiger was pulled from the shelter 2 weekends ago with eyes that were practically crusted over. Many amazing volunteers supporters of ARK and Asan donated funds for treatment and his vet stay! He is lucky to have so many looking over him!

His eyes are now cleared up and he is having a great time away from the shelter. He is being treated for the next 6 days for ear mites and then he will be ready for his new foster or forever home!

We don't want them going back to the shelter, so I have started a fundraiser to seek either sponsors or donations, as well as fosters and adopters, for Tiger and his brothers's boarding fees, food and medical care, until they are ready to go to new homes.

You can read more about the event here >>> http://www.animalrescuekorea.org/blog/dbis/urgent-fosters-and-adopters-n...

PLEASE PLEASE spare a few pennies to help give Tiger and his brothers fighting chance for the new year!

Please help us help this PLAYFUL FLUFFBALL!! For more information on fostering or adopting, see below information.


UPDATE: November

Tiger is one of three siblings who came to Asan from a local kill shelter. Although the kittens were a bit wild, the shelter owner wanted to give them a fighting chance to find a forever home.

Tiger is adorable, funny and endearing! He was happy to let me pet him and was happy to have a toy to bat around for a few. He was still a bit nervous when I reached in to grab him, but once he is separated from his two body guards and in a foster or forever home.. he will sure to be a great companion. We are hoping to get him into foster care or a forever home before he grows and is added to the cat colony at the shelter.

He will go in for a neuter in 6 weeks.

If you are interested in meeting this tiny soul, please email me at [email protected].

Adoption/Foster Applications can be found here: http://www.animalrescuekorea.org/adoption-application. Please fill out completely. *if interested in fostering, you will also just fill out the adoption application.

Tiger being irresistible:


Adoption Fee: ₩50,000
Location: Daejeon - 대전
Living Situation: In foster care
Adopted From: Asan Shelter


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Tiger is sooooooo adorable! He's exactly like my cat who's Korean name is Horangi (Tiger)! He's a funny playful one!

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This little bundle of fun is still waiting for that special someone to come along and scoop him up away from the shelter cold and into a warm loving home! Tiger is the most confident one amongst his brothers and is always eager to play and pounce and scoot around with you. Tiger absolutely LOVES his cuddles and scratches, always purring loudly and nuzzling you whenever you pick him up. He would just love a lap to curl up on and to receive some belly tickles! Currently he's suffering a mild case of conjunctivitis in one eye, but with some treatment he's now receiving, this should clear up soon! Please consider giving this darling a second chance!

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Tiger has arrived in his foster home in Daejeon and is such a terrific kitty. Just look at this beautiful boy...

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Tiger was recently returned to his Foster Home in Daejeon and is available for adoption. Please consider this amazing cat!!

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Tiger (and his new flatmate, Pea) both made it into the Cool Pet shop here in Daejeon last week to be sterilized and vaccinated. Tiger gets along very well with other cats and both are less lonely and more content with a friend. Splitting up Pea and her brother Bean has also yielded the desired results with her as she is now very affectionate and overall less fearful of me. Tiger has been a good influence on her overall and has helped her learn a lot about being a cat. Since Tiger is so bold and comfortable with himself, it has forced her to stand up for herself with regards to food, territory, and affection.

Overall, Tiger is such an amazing cat, I can't believe he is still waiting on a new home. He is very intelligent, fearless, and super affectionate. His beautiful coat is also super soft and his eyes, as you can see, are unforgettable.

Please consider adopting this sweet second-chance kitten from Asan shelter and make him a special part of your family.

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So very happy!!!!

Many THANK YOUS to Matt and Daniel for stepping up and willing to take care of Tiger while he waited for the special someone to come along. And Kelli, THANK YOU for willing to give this charming Tiger and a former shelter cat a third chance in life. I know Tiger will be a great companion. All the best to you both!