Moxxi (AKA Stitches)

He is the perfect table! ^_^ jkMoxxi with his favorite ribbonMoxxi playing his favorite games

Quick Bio

Age: Adult (3-9 years)
Gender: Male
Breed: Turkish Angora
Colour: White or Cream
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with kids
  • Good with cats
  • Litter trained
Adoption Status: Adopted

UPDATE 05.08.2012---------------------------------------------------------------

Greetings to everyone under this melting summer day.

I know I was supposed to stay here only until I found a forever family, but I recognize a good thing when I see it. By no means I was letting my dad, mommy and sis get away.

I'm young but as my fellow animals in this site, I've lived a lot... more than I should. I've been out on the streets, inside comfy houses; hardships and disappointments have been shared with dogs, cats, humans, you name it. Not everyone was good to me, and I got into fights from time to time. When the guy that took me out from the shelter found me, I was full of scratches (Thus he named me Stitches). I used to get bruised a lot, but I didn't care, as the deepest and most painful wound was already there, deep inside. It is that wound you can see in our eyes if you look close enough. It's the trace left by abandonment, by the hope that vanishes little by little every day, and by the constant longing for a love that may never come.

I've wandered long enough, I'm tired. It's time to settle down. I don't need to try anymore houses or shelters, I choose this family to have and to hold until death do us part. My new family needs me! I'm staying here FURRRREVER!!!! It's time to heal the real wounds.

For you who are reading this, please consider adopting or fostering a shelter animal. YOU can make a huge difference in a living being's life, your life, your family's life... Stop waiting for others to make big changes, we will get further summing up the small ones made by many.

I started writing as Moxxi (aka Stitches), now I say goodbye as Dorian.


Spread your love! It's worthless if you keep it to yourself.

UPDATE: Found foster home! ^_^ Thanks for all the loving replies! ^_^

Moxxi is a very playful cat. He speaks his mind and loves to be the center of attention. If you are looking for a big loving companion, this is the cat for you.

His favorite toy is the ribbon. He will hunt it throughout the house, carry it around like trophy and even wrap himself up in it before he lies down to go to bed. His other favorite thing to do is cuddle. He will search the house for you and even bury himself under the covers when you are sleeping to be near you.
Moxxi is also a very talkative cat. He wants to tell you whats on his mind and what he needs. He will even join in on conversations from time to time.

As for adjustment periods, Moxxi only took one week to fully adjust to our apartment.
For a faster adjustment you will want to use kitty treats and lots of extra play time.

Moxxi is a little deaf in his left ear. His meows are a little louder than most cats due to this.
Moxxi was also found originally in a shelter and in bad shape with cuts and scratches. Fortunately this cat is very resilient and is doing great now!

I must find a new home for Moxxi though, if I keep him in the apartment my husband's allergies will get worse.
Moxxi needs to be rescued one last time, please help!

The adoption fee includes:
litter box
Krazy kitty play area

Location: Bucheon - 부천
Living Situation: With owners


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Is this Stitches?

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Yes, I got permission from the old owner (Mike J) to repost under the new name so there wouldn't be a double post with the same name. I can't change the post of stitches and he isn't changing the post of Stitches either. So I created a new one, that I can update and post on.
When I posted on the facebook group looking for a home they said I should post on here.
I can't keep this cat though due to severe allergies (that didn't show up until we owned the cat). I did just get the cat 3 weeks ago from him.

EDIT: I changed the title so no one is confused.

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I see. Ah I was chatting with you on there actually, but I mentioned it be best to contact ARK's site admin to switch the names. I am sure if there is an issue, ARK's admin will post and work things out so things are best for Moxxi/Stitches, you, and the site.

Well, actually, when I got my Golden Retriever, my boyfriend and I had no dog allergies but we have severe reactions (stuffy nose, watery itchy eyes, sneezing...), but after about 2 months they subsided. We think it was because we went from having family dogs to college where we didn't have a dog, to Korea and having a very hairy dog! But with time it went away. There's also options, outlined very well here by the ASPCA for dealing with allergies to pets.

There's also options in Korea for medical treatment. A friend of mine had a known cat allergy, but helped 2 strays anyway. For about 4 months she just took a pill each morning and was fine. Eventually she didn't even need the pill. She adopted another cat and lives allergy pill-free with all 3 of them in Canada!

If you'd like to consider options so Stitches doesn't bounce around too much and so you can keep this gorgeous kitty, they are available : ) Hope this helps!

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Oo one more thing ^^ My bf had an even stronger reaction to a Boxer we puppy sat - he broke out in hives all over his body! O.O We invested in an air purifier (about 500,000won) and he cleared up in like 3 days! (air purifiers also help tremendously with the mold rampant in many Korean apartments, and prove white noise which we like when we sleep anyway : ) Just throwing more options out there ^^

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yeah, we have gone to the doctor and bought air purifiers and it only gets worse.
I have tried everything I can. I have spent well over $200 at the doctor so far in only 3 weeks.
I really do love Moxxi, but I can't keep it if I will have to keep going to the hospital and getting my husband's throat opened back up. He couldn't speak for two days!

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Admin note: I've removed Stitches' first listing. Normally I would remove the new one and change authors, but in this case I didn't want to remove the discussion.

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Thank you so much! ^_^ I

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Does he meow a lot at night or is he trained to stay awake during the day and sleep at night? Does he have any ear mites at the moment? Does he have any other immediate issues that he should be taken to the vet for? How do you think he would be in a studio apartment? Does he like to use a scratch post/cat tower?

I'm not sure about adopting/fostering at the moment. But I'm thinking about it and learning more. :D He sounds like he'll make a great cat friend.

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He did meow at night the first week we had him. (Mostly due to the anxiety of the move and trying to make sure we were still there.) But after that he only meows when he sees us up and moving. (This includes at night if you are one who gets up in the middle of the night for snacks or something)
We have been training him to be active during the day and sleep at night, but one big burst of play before bed time is what is needed. Otherwise he will be very antsy at night.
Its very important to note that the first week he will meow a lot! He will be getting used to your home and trying to make sure you are there for him.
Even if you can't adopt him, we would love for someone to foster him. We just don't want to have to send him to a shelter. T_T

EDIT! About ear mites or anything else: No! Moxxi is perfectly healthy and fine. We have had no problems with his health and neither did the previous owner. (beside the little deafness in the left ear, the side with the blue eye, but he seems to hear his food bag very well!)
He also loves scratching posts its one of his favorite things. He is in our apartment now and it is quite small. The previous one he was in was a studio too. He will be fine in a studio.

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Please let me know if you're at your absolute last deadline & you will have to send him to a shelter. Then maybe I could at least foster him and see how it works out.

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We can keep him until Thursday this week. If that doesn't work for you, please e-mail me. I may be able to have a friend watch him this weekend if you can do next week.

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Do I just click on your name to send you a private message/email? I have some details I want to work out. I just sent my boss a text asking the most important question: Does the owner of this apartment allow pets? I might find out tomorrow. If not, I'll try to get them to ask asap.

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If you click on contact info, it will give you my email address and phone number.
[email protected] 010-2982-6266

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Moxxi is still in desperate need of a foster home. To anyone looking... Please, e-mail me or call.

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I spoke with Moxxi's previous owner on Facebook as well when he was putting him up on ARK as Stitches. I just want to offer that if there are any behavior issues for Moxxi boy, then I am more than happy to help and provide resources for his future guardian. (A great place to start is Cat Behavior Associates.)

Moxxi sounds like he's doing great though, and I hope he continues to do so in a new home! But cats do tend to get stressed in new environments, and this will be his third home. He is a beautiful cat (I love his eyes!) and I hope the best for him. If I can help at all with screening applicants or anything, please let me know : ) Crossing my fingers for this pretty man!

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I didn't have any real behavior issues with him. The only thing he does more than other cats is meow. Thank you for the offer. If you could spread the word about him to anyone you know. That would be great, it seems like no one can take him and I don't want to put him in shelter.

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That's good to know he hasn't been having issues. Sure thing! I will repost him online, I hope he can find a good home, too!

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I'll foster Moxxi!! He sounds like a great cat and I don't want him to go to a shelter.

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Hi! What is the status on Moxxi? Have you found a foster home for him?

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Hi, Liz?
I've tried to contact you via email and phone, but have been unable to get a response. We are interested in adopting Moxxi if you have not found a permanent home for him yet. We understand if you need some time to consider whether you will really give him up for adoption or not, but would just appreciate a heads up if you'd let us know if you've received our messages. Is the information you posted above correct? ([email protected] 010-2982-6266)
Thank you and all the best...

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Hey, sorry for the late update and delayed responses. I have had a ton of things happening recently (just got back weekend sink pipe detaching..etc)
Moxxi does have a new foster home. I am going to switch information with her soon and hopefully everything will work out.

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Glad to hear that Moxxi has found a good foster home. If you are still looking for someone to adopt him longterm, please let us know. However, if the new foster parent thinks (s)he may be able to give him a forever home, that's awesome and congratulations! We're very happy for him.

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Hello! I'm extremely interested in adopting Moxxi (Stitches?)! How do I go about organizing such an adoption? I want to make sure I would be a good and loving owner, so one question first: Do you think he will be happy being alone at home during the day? I work all day, so he'd be alone, but I'm home every night and would give him lots of love! Let me know! My email is [email protected] and my phone number is 010-8014-2257. I'm excited to hear from you soon!