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URGENT - Mango

STATUS UPDATE: Mango delivered beautiful 6 newborn pups and Mango and her 6 newborn pups doing well..They're in need of experienced responsible URGENT foster home. Plus,we need more sponsor for this...
Updated by SpicePuppies 29 min 21 sec ago
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Shep, Korea's Rin Tin Tin


Countdown. Shep the German Shepherd needs to get out of a kill shelter within 8 days. Would you be able to help? He is docile and gentle. German Shepherds are known to be fiercely loyal and excellent...
Updated by wendylee 1 hour 2 min ago
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Gentle Guidong, 2014


Gentle Giant Update: 12 April 2014 Guidong is a beauty. She is a scaredy cat. Her size scares people off and her bark is there to keep them away, but with treats and patience we were able to gain...
Updated by clare_bell 2 hours 52 min ago
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Lilly - 6 April 2014


Beautiful, loving Lilly Update: 8 April 2014 I fall in love with this girl more and more every time I see her. Initially, she comes across as a bit jumpy and hyper, but that's because she is living...
Updated by clare_bell 3 hours 50 min ago
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Meet this 1mo old Jindo baby girl "Angel". She's one of 7 pups checked into city dog pound in a carton box Just a few days ago. She's very affectionate and absolutely adorable. She's in need of...
Updated by SpicePuppies 3 hours 51 min ago
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Dachs still needs a home


Gentle Dachs and her female friend Dachsi were both rescued from puppy mills. They are temporarily under the care of volunteers and looking for caring new homes where they can live in peace without...
Updated by wendylee 5 hours 21 min ago
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Pyranees with a great character


Neese hasn't found a good family to live with. Neese is so gentle and great to be with. Neese can get along with any other dogs and even cats.
Updated by wendylee 5 hours 22 min ago
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Have you ever seen such a handsome dog?! Sam is a big adult retriever who has a personality true to his breed. He is placid and calm, loves walks and toys and plays like a puppy. He doesn't bark, is...
Updated by Leonie 10 hours 13 min ago
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Jojo, Jan 2014


Jojo is another little lady who has been whiling away the time at Asan shelter. She is a petite little Jindo girl who would love a home to call her own. I don't know much about her or her story, but...
Updated by clare_bell 10 hours 24 min ago
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Such a happy girl! 23/03/2014


Kili = love! Update: 15 April 2014 Kili makes me smile every day! I don't know where to begin when writing about her because her list of positives is sooooo long. She adores humans, she adores dogs...
Updated by clare_bell 10 hours 24 min ago
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Stunning Molly! Photo by Stephanie I.


Update: 14 April 2014 Molly is doing so well in foster care! Please check out her new photos. She loves her foster brother and does well with other dogs and strangers. What a gem! We would really...
Updated by clare_bell 10 hours 33 min ago
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Mr Wrinkle

Mr. Wrinkle

Mr Wrinkles is a Korean mastiff breed called a Dosa & was rescued in an extremely emaciated state. He is worryingly lethargic and very timid. He prefers to stay curled up in his corner when we...
Updated by clare_bell 12 hours 8 min ago
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Adorable Fizzgig!


Update: 15 April 2014 HUGE thanks to Rae Mullins, who sponsored this little man's health check today! And the results are in! Drum roll...heartworm negative!! Pretty good antibody levels &...
Updated by clare_bell 12 hours 22 min ago
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Ara's pup - Tani

Apr 5, 2014 He is one of Ara’s pups. (Ara He is 4months old male mix. He is currently 4kg. He is expected to be 8-10 kg when fully grown although we cannot...
Updated by Duan98 14 hours 19 min ago
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Mama dog Ara

Apr 9, 2014 She found an another foster home! Luckily she does not need to go back to a city pound! We are working on her transportation to Seoul from Ulsan. Apr 5, 2014 When Ara came to the city...
Updated by Duan98 18 hours 34 min ago
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RooRoo (Ara's pup)

RooRoo is one of Ara’s pups. (Ara: He is 4 month old male mix. He is currently about 4 kg. He is little shy and takes his time to get used to new people. He...
Updated by Duan98 18 hours 43 min ago
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**STATUE UPDATE: Miso has transported to a foster home in Pyongtak area then his foster mom found out her pregnancy recently and no longer can't foster Miso. If you live in SEOUL/Gyungki-do area and...
Updated by SpicePuppies 19 hours 8 min ago
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Dream bean came to live with me at the beginning of March. She went from timid to playful within a few days and now is a crazy little creature who loves to cuddle, go for long walks and jump around...
Updated by candicegoddard 23 hours 42 min ago
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11 April 2014 Marty needs a new foster home by the end of this month! My neighbor has been complaining about him barking when I'm not home so I don't think my lifestyle is the best for him. He will...
Updated by me2ffc 1 day 3 hours ago
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April 12, 2014: Deserving of a beautiful name, Azalea is a beautiful dog. She is quiet, she is sweet, and she is so depressed. Her sad eyes scream for someone to give her a warm, QUIET (she currently...
Updated by swi1818 1 day 6 hours ago
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April 12, 2014: Named Wrigley because this looker is a shimmy-shakin' ball of energy! This dog is the epitome of photogenic (which is why it took me so long to pick a profile picture -- so many to...
Updated by swi1818 1 day 6 hours ago
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Meet Juliette. One of the 12 dogs of Christmas 2012 at Baps! She was just rescued from the pound last week (November 29th) and now she will wait. She's waiting for someone to see how special she is....
Updated by BAPS-Leo 1 day 6 hours ago
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MIA (the Littlest Hobo URGENT)

"There's a voice that keeps on calling me Down the road, that's where I'll always be. Every stop I make, I make a new friend, Can't stay for long, just turn around and I'm gone again." At some point...
Updated by KathyKat 1 day 7 hours ago
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Pretty Breena 6 April 2014


This little girl reminds us of a fairy. She is so small, pretty & dainty. She loves to be held & will choose to stay in your arms over staying on the ground, any day! She was rescued from a...
Updated by clare_bell 1 day 9 hours ago
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Take your picture from my good side

Marty McFly (Mini)

April 16 2014 Update: Marty is STILL awaiting his forever home! He is just a joy to have around.... however, his foster parents don't have much time left in Korea- they leave the country in May....
Updated by Robyn 1 day 9 hours ago
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Aren't I sweet?!


April 16 2014 Update: Hello!! Ethel is STILL awaiting her forever home! She really would be the perfect companion to anyone! Her foster family is running out of time in Korea...they depart the...
Updated by Robyn 1 day 10 hours ago
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Bada is a 4-year-old purebred Boston Terrier who was rescued from Osan high kill shelter on March 17th, just in time. She is incredibly lucky, but, to be honest, whoever adopts her will be even more...
Updated by HeatherR 1 day 11 hours ago
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Rufus is only a 4 month old baby boy and Brown colored Jindo mix breed, very affectionate. WHen he arrived,his condition was bad due to lack of nutrition but now he is healthy and happy go lucky...
Updated by lokogoyang 1 day 12 hours ago
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Ramie is a crazy friendly retriever mix. She has very long hair. I'm not sure what she's mixed with. She LOVES other dogs and gets ridiculously excited when she sees other dogs....she barks and does...
Updated by lokogoyang 1 day 12 hours ago
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Apr 15, 2014 When I visited Ulsan city pound, there are several dogs that loved people extremely. ToTo was one of those. He was in a fence area with several other dogs. Somehow, he was one of lucky...
Updated by Duan98 1 day 13 hours ago
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