Africa Animal Clinic

About This Clinic: 

Dr. Lee knows about ARK and will be very willing to help anyone with a rescue dog. Please visit during her working hours: M ~ F, 1:00p-6:00p. She will arrange discounts for services for any ARK dogs/ cats.

Products and Services Offered:


경기도 성남시 분당구 서현동 255-1 풍림아이원플러스 1층 108호 Gyeonggi do, Seongnam si, Bundang gu, Seohyun dong 255-1 Purim Iwant building 1st floor From Seohyun station exit 5, turn left and walk until you reach the Iwant building with Haru Mart on the corner. Keep walking until you see Africa Animal Clinic on your left.
Business Hours: 
9:30 ~ 21:30 weekdays, weekend may be shorter
Dr. Lee ( speaks English)
English Ability: