Royal Vet

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They have different specialists and are really professional. Most of the Vets have some English ability but receptionist/shop staff do not. For grooming book an appointment in advance.
They are 24hours but if you want the best chance of getting an English speaker go during regular business hours. I have not used them for Overseas/pet transport services so I don't know if they even do them, but they DO register dogs with city hall for you. All you need is your ARC and the microchip number (if you have already had your dog chipped) if your dog is spayed/neutered the fee is only 10,000 (Cash only) you get a printed certificate (10minutes wait time) and they have a tag printing service (3 days wait) to have your dogs official ID number printed and tagged for easy identification.

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In between Sangbong Station and Jungnang station (It's easiest to get out at Jungnang Station and find the Burger King (exit 4) then walk left (with Burger King on your right) until you reach a giant crossroads. In a big glass building you should be able to see a pizza restaurant and a little bit around the corner in the Royal Vet clinic. Some Taxi drivers will know the building as "Royal Sports"
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