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From Dr. Jason Kim, Chief Veterinarian:

"We recognize that your pet is a part of your family, and we want to welcome you and your pet to our family at Oksu Soo Animal Hospital. Pets fill a special place in our lives and in our hearts. It’s our goal to make sure that each animal in our care gets the very best to ensure that they are happy and healthy for a lifetime. We promise to go above and beyond for you and your pets by serving you with honesty and integrity, and offering additional services that make healthcare more comfortable for your pet and for you. It’s our hope that you will feel like we are your friends as well as your animal hospital. Please visit us today!


Dr. Jason Kim (Chief Veterinarian) & your friends at Oksu Soo Animal Hospital"

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Address: 560 Oksu-dong, Seoul, Korea 133-100. Tel: 02-2291-7582. Take the subway (Jungang line) to Oksu station and take exit 4. After you exit, you will see a large building complex on your left side, which has Angel-In-Us Coffee. Oksu Soo Animal Hospital is in the same building on the first floor.
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Mon - Sat: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm, Sun: 12:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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Oksu Soo Animal Hospital will become your pet's best friend!

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Oksu Soo Animal Hospital's "Secret Santa" Event!

December 1 at 9:00am until December 24 at 9:00pm


It's the season of Christmas and Oksu Soo Animal Hospital invites you and your pets to celebrate with us.

Simply bring in your pet from Dec 1st ~ Dec 24th for a free Christmas photo for you and your furry friend! And, for being on Santa's "good pet owner's list" you will get the Oksu Soo Membership Card for free during the month of December, 2012. Just say "Secret Santa" when you come in, to get your Membership Card for 2013 which will give you awesome perks, such as free pickup and drop-off service to and from our clinic!

Thank you for taking such great care of your pets this year. We are looking forward to helping you with all your pet needs.

Happy Holidays,
Your friends at Oksu Soo Animal Hospital


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From Dr. Jason Kim, Chief Veterinarian:

We have all the machines to go through with bloodworks here in our hospital.

We do most of the basic soft tissue surgeries here in our hospital.
Also we have respiratory anesthetic machine for safer anesthetic.

We do have scaling machine and do perform tooth extraction.

We do have a groomer who's very experienced and loves animal very much.
Grooming is from 10am till 7pm.

Pet hotel
For pet hotel, we don't lock animals in the cages like most of the hospitals. We let them lose and have them play with other dogs. If you want them to be by them selves we do have separate place for them to stay.

Pet transport services
We do have transportation services. If you ever need a ride, please let us know.

I have always wanted to use my english skills to help out foreign animal lovers living in Korea. If there is anything I can help you out with, feel free to let me know anytime."

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Oksu Soo Animal Hospital now makes house calls, please check it out.
"Problem: Your pet is due for vaccines, but they hate going to the vet (and it's freezing out!!).
Solution: Home vaccination visit! That's right, we will vaccinate your dog or cat at your home. Please call for an appointment :)"

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I'm Katie, I have just moved to Korea from China and am looking to move my two year old cat here too.
I have all the documents ready for the Chinese side of the process: she is micro chipped, is fully vaccinated and has had the rabies anti-body test done, which came back well above the required level.
I was wondering if you could give me any advice about what to do when I arrive with her at the airport. I understand she needs to spend 1 day in quarantine, is this right?
Do I need to inform anyone here that she is coming in?

Then when I get her here, how do I register with a yourselves to have a vet for Daisy?

Thank you,