Baeksan Animal Hospital -cat specialist

About This Clinic: 

I stumbled on this clinic after a horrible night with two sick foster kittens. Every clinic I went to either wasn't confident enough to treat sick kittens or they wanted a small fortune. Finally, at the brink of tears and convinced the kittens had a lethal virus, I was pointed towards Baeksan. By the time I got there it was pretty late and they had really pretty much shut down, but they turned all the lights back on and ushered me in. I could tell this was really a cat-focused clinic, which is a little rare. The vet genuinely CARED about the kittens and was very good a calming me too. Her English was very high and she told me that her partner was even better. Within a half hour I was ushered back out the door with antibiotics and a lot of assurances. The vet turned out to be spot-on with the diagnosis and the healthy kittens went on to their forever home.

I'm not sure exactly what services they offer, but I saw a lot of high tech machinery. Their supply sections for dogs and cats was fantastic and competitively priced. The staff was extremely nice and the bill came out quite modest for two kittens.

If I had a cat, I would take it here! As I have only dogs and already had a great vet, all I can do is pass the word :)

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강남구 논현동 182-23, Seoul, Korea 135-010 Located between Nonhyeon Line 7 and Sinnonhyeon Line 9. They are tucked back from the main drag, so a cab would probably be the easiest way to reach them. Alternatively, you can put the address into Google Maps for a good map of the area. From Nonhyeon exit 1 you would walk straight approximately 5 blocks/side streets down the main drag. On your left, there will be a familymart and the road number is 118. Turn left and walk about 200m and you will see the clinic sign on your left. If you are coming from Sinnonhyeon take exit 3 and go about two blocks. Turn right and about 200 m the clinic will be on your left. Walking time is between 5-10 minutes.
Business Hours: 
weekdays 10am-10pm; unsure about weekends
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