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Dr. Yang is a very caring, personable and skilled vet. I have met him personally and I can tell that he truly has a gentle and carefulapproach to the animal's he treat's. His English s perfect, and he is also an ideal vet for caring for rescue/shelter animal's as he is
understanding and compassionate towards the sensitive condition of rescue's/stray and hurting animal's. He has cared for two rescue animals I know of and helped rehabilitate only with his talented and skilled help.

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Sinchon, Seoul
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24 Hours
Dr. Yang
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I had to take my dog there at 9PM on a Sunday evening shortly before Christmas. While Dr. Won's English was not fluent, he was still able to convey what needed to be done, and treated my in-pain, suspicious dog kindly while still getting a clear set of X-rays, blood work, and ultrasound. His English actually improved as we were talking, so I think it's more that he doesn't get to practice it very often.

The clinic is clean, bright, and warm, with a good selection of foods (and Zuke's treats, which can be hard to find sometimes!), toys, and pet-care supplies. The evening receptionist doesn't speak very much English either, but she was kind and practical; instead of getting uncomfortable when I got stressed, she handed me tissues and nudged the clinic dog my way.

They do everything on-site, and, in my case, had blood work/x-rays/ultrasound done in ~30minutes, and had a zip file of the results in my email as soon as we were done discussing what could be wrong. We also talked about the clinic's work with rescues and rehoming -- my previous dog was a Boxer, and they'd just finished surgery and rehoming of a little brindle Boxer, so he showed me pictures. Dr. Won's own dog is a rescue who'd stayed at the clinic for a long time, and who was trying to follow him everywhere -- definitely loved.

Only downside was that it was a bit expensive, but that may have been the time and rush.

The address is 40-48 Nogosan-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul. It's very, very close to Sinchon Station on the Green Line (I believe exit 5 is the nearest one). The phone number is 02-701-7580.

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Just an update, as of 3/7/14 Dr. Yang no longer works at this clinic.
I just met with Dr. Su-Bok Won yesterday (3/8/14) and he was very attentive, albeit a bit shy and nervous in the beginning of the visit. He is the medical treatment team leader and I think it is a great facility!

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I recently took my little guy here, and they were fantastic. We went in regarding an unexpected emergency, and even though it was almost midnight and there was already a bit of a crowd in the waiting area, the entire staff was attentive, professional and friendly. I speak basically zero Korean, but they were very kind and patient as they looked to the needs of my dog and soothed my concerns. (Some of the staff do have some English ability, and they work very hard to try to explain things in a detailed manner.) He ended up staying with them overnight for observation and treatment, and although a little scared and confused, was picked up the next day healthy and happy. The night staff even kindly sent me text messages and phone calls to reassure me of the status of my dog. I highly recommend this facility.

To get there, you do indeed take Exit 5 out of Sinchon Station. The facility is just a ways up the main road-just past a smaller vet/pet store. While the name is listed in Korean, they do have their phone number listed on the sign-so keep an eye out for that. If I go back to the area soon, I will take a picture of the location and post it.