Itaewon Animal Hospital

About This Clinic: 

The Itaewon Animal Hospital offers full veterinary care in English. The staff is very friendly and accommodating, and they offer a 30% rescue discount on some services and tests. (In order to receive the discount, you have to show proof that the dog is in fact a rescue. I was asked for documentation from the shelter with a signature from the shelter manager.)

The facility itself is small, however it is very bright, clean, and inviting. I have never made an appointment for anything like vaccinations or check-ups --- I've simply shown up and they've been able to take care of my needs in a relatively timely fashion. Obviously for things such as surgeries/major consultations, calling ahead and booking an appointment would probably be best.

Here is an article that was posted on a popular expat website a little over a year ago if you interested in the clinic's history:

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The Itaewon Animal Hospital is near Noksapyeong Station (Kyungridan/HBC area) on line 6. The clinic itself is located opposite the station and down the street from the Noksapyeong Overpass, near the Lexus dealership. Visit this link for a map that includes directions to the clinic:
Business Hours: 
9:30am ~ 7:30pm (MON~FRI) 9:30am ~ 5:30pm (SAT) 11:30am ~ 5:30pm (SUN)
(02) 797-6677
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