Pet 119

About This Clinic: 

The vet at this clinic is VERY busy but always makes time for me when I show up (often unannounced). He has a hands-off approach and does not do tests or give treatments/medication unless necessary. He does monitor carefully though and does frequent follow-ups. This approach may appeal to some and not to others. If you show up during busy times (midday, evening, weekend) expect to wait a bit before he can see you. His English is very good.

They sell a wide variety of dog and cat foods as well as toys, treats, clothes, carriers and basically any dog/cat item you may need. The cat items aren't always out and visible but if you ask, they will bring them out.

Products and Services Offered:


kitty corner to the main E-mart entrance, next to Pizza Hut
Business Hours: 
9-8 Monday to Saturday
English Ability: