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About This Clinic: 

Situated an easy walk from the bus terminal, Dr Choi works with his team of three vet nurses. He has just moved into a new premises directly above where he used to be and his new rooms are about 3 times the size of the old place. He has a boarding facility as well as a separate hospital section.

He is a firm believer in holistic medicine and is qualified in acupuncture and oriental medicine as well as the western approach. He helped my former foster dog Richie to walk again using acupuncture ( and also helped Titi the paralysed kitten, with astonishing results! (See:

He speaks good enough English and has a broad vocabulary of English medical terms. He will often pull out a text book and show you pictures, or show you what he is seeing down a dog's ear or through the microscope by hooking it up to his computer screen.

He is very compassionate and I can see that he loves watching the rescue dogs that I bring to him transform into well-adjusted, healthy pets.

Also, they have a point card system where you get points if you pay in cash. You can redeem your points on goodies from their store section but not on things like consultations or prescribed medicine.

The groomer is also lovely and I highly recommend her! She is usually booked up so you need to make a reservation in advance.

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Sinbu-dong, Cheonan-si. (Near the Cheonan bus terminal / Shinsegae. Alongside the Coffee Bean & the Arario Art Gallery.)
Business Hours: 
10am-8pm (Mon-Sat)
Dr Choi: 041) 523 - 8275, 0275
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Here is their business card which you could show to a taxi driver:

Business Card
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Here is their sign with times:

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This is the outside of the building. You go into the door on the RHS and up the stairs one level.

Across the street and not shown in the photo, is Shinhan Bank and a big Olive Young.

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The wonderful Dr Choi, with the special doggy he helped to walk again :)

Dr Choi & Richie
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I just want to say Gecko, Bouncer and I really miss Dr. Choi and his staff at Any Pet.

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Some pics of the inside of the clinic.

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