K&N Pet Hospital

About This Clinic: 

Very friendly and accommodating animal clinic. The vet has excellent English and was certified in the US. She does give a slight discount for rescue animals. She has some products for sale, but it's a small clinic, so there isn't a lot of space. There is room to keep animals overnight, but I don't believe she boards them.
The only thing I didn't like about this clinic is that she sells puppies sometimes at the front of the shop, and she told me they come from a breeder.

Products and Services Offered:


Located directly outside the walk-in gate at Camp Humphreys (Anjeong-ri).
Business Hours: 
Listed as a 24 hour hospital, but I've only seen it open between ~9am-9pm
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Hi! Do you know if this clinic participates in a local TNR program by any chance? If not, would you happen to know any other clinics in or near Pyeongtaek which might? Thanks!