Onyang animal hospital 온양동물병원

About This Clinic: 

Nothing fancy, but very useful.
No need to go to Cheonan or Seoul, if your pet needs help.

They sell carriers, beds, leashes, collars, chew toys, pee pads, cat and dog food, snack, milk for puppies and kittens, heartworm, flea and tick preventatives, vitamins, etc.

One more thing about this clinic. Onyang animal hospital collects abandoned and stray animals. They keep them 10 days, and then send animals to Asan city pound. If you are looking for a cat/dog to adopt, visit Onyang animal hospital please (contact me at [email protected], if you have questions).

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충청남도 아산시 온양1동 1791
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Monday - Saturday
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Sofia's picture

Here's what I used Onyang animal hospital for with my own dog and my foster animals:
vaccinations, heartworm tests, de-worming, ringworm treatment, skin infection treatment (very good!), ear infection treatment, neutering, kennel cough treatment, distemper in dogs treatment, to buy "Frontline", "Advocate", med. shampoo, dog food supplements.