Gumi Okgye-dong Animal Hospital

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A small clinic with a great vet who LOVES cats! They specialize in cats and smaller animals - birds, reptiles, and hedgehogs. He gives out great little health booklets and I have only heard good things about this vet.

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경상북도 구미시 옥계동 739-1 춘명빌딩 1층 Gyeongsangbuk-do Gumi Okgye-dong 739-1 Chun-myeong Building, 1st Floor
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Open Sundays! not 24 hour despite the name
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Gumi 24 actually isn't open on Sundays anymore. I'm not sure when the schedule change happened - they used to be open Sundays - but they're not anymore. They are open week nights until 7 or 8 though! Dr. Ahn is an excellent vet.