Sangmo Animal Clinic

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This clinic is small but has three vets. They also have two groomers. Only the one vet is very comfortable speaking English and has a pretty high level, but all are very helpful and kind.

They are more accustomed to small dogs and cats, but they did beautifully with my Golden and any care she needed. We've had ear infections treated, blood work done, long health discussions about my dog & about other cases - from rabbits to Guinea Pigs... any animal I had questions on due to shelter related cases. They cannot board large dogs though, but I am sure they can help you and point you in the right direction if that is needed. They will do large dog spays even though their facilities are small. They do not offer rescue discounts but they are very supportive and understanding about rescue situations, it is just not their policy. Their prices are average and comparable to what you would pay elsewhere.

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경상북도 구미시 상모동 48-6 Gyeongsangbuk-do Gumi Sangmo-dong 48-6
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Monday-Saturday 9am-8:30pm
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