Joeun Animal Hospital

About This Clinic: 

This is a small animal clinic run by Dr. Yu and his wife (the groomer). They are very kind and have been excellent with all of my adopted, foster, or rescue animals that I've taken there. While Dr. yu is not completely fluent in English if you speak clearly and not too quickly there should be no problems. They are happy to have you come by and chat especially when they are not too busy, so it is easy to stop by if you have any questions about your critters.

If you need a large sized travel crate or items they do not stock on hand in the clinic, Dr. Yu is able to order them in for you.

Products and Services Offered:


On Dongmun-ro (closer to Dongmun Rotary) in Seogwipo.
Business Hours: 
Open Monday - Saturday from 8 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Dr. Yu: dvmyoo (at)
English Ability: 


Karen's picture

Hi! Do you happen to have any contact information for the Joeun clinic? Someone has asked me for their email address. Thanks!

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Hi Karen! Sorry I did not see this message until now. :(
Dr. Yu's email address is dvmyoo (at), at least it was in 2012.