Jaffa and Joy

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Quick Bio

Type of pet: Rat
Breed/Species: Fancy rat - pink eyed white
Age: Young
Gender: Female
  • Good with kids
  • Good with other animals
  • Bonded pair
Adoption Status: Adopted

These three lovely ladies were rescued by a shelter south of Seoul. A kindly volunteer went to collect them for me, the Rat Queen. Okay, this is not a name I usually go by in Korea, but it's an old nickname.

What's so great about rats?
They are the BEST KEPT secret pet!

-learn their names
-shoulder surf
-give kisses
-"giggle" when you tickle them
-almost never bite
-don't bark or scratch
-don't need a lot of room
-don't need constant attention
-can learn tricks
-love having buddies (twice the fun!)
-are stinkin' cute and fuzzy
-don't need walks
-are really funny
-relatively inexpensive (compared to rabbits, dogs and cats)
-do "bruxing" and "boggling" when they're super happy (their eyes pop out of their head! - not literally. Youtube it.)
-they're super smart
-they're kid friendly animals
-they can bond to their caretakers
-they can be flown to the USA or Canada with little fuss
-they're fairly clean
-they live 2-3 years, which is a shorter commitment than a dog, cat or rabbit (but no less important!)

RAT FAQ: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pthWxZB8gGaVv9WpeunqHhV5RHglNEl9qkZY...

Jordan is the largest and calmest of the 3 sisters. She tolerates being handled pretty well and isn't squirmy or fast. She's also not as inclined to be a nosy little twerp escape artist. Joy is the middle sister. Her name is a bit of a misnomer at the moment. She's the most skittish of the 3 and very slow to warm up, although she will approach and sniff my hand for goodies. She's not aggressive and she should become friendlier with a little more time. Jaffa, aka Nubby due to her shortened tail, is a bold adventurer. She's pretty fearless and likes to tease the dogs. These 3 sisters are bonded and since rats are social animals that need and crave company, they MUST be adopted together.

Due to my upcoming move in a couple months, their mega cage and whatever stuff is in it will come with them, as I don't want to take it with me :)

If you have an questions or would like to adopt these little ones, please email at [email protected].

Adoption Fee: ₩30,000
Location: Seoul - 서울
Living Situation: In foster care


megs's picture

Rats are some of the best pets ever! I can't imagine life without my four rat girls. Actually, thinking about it is kind of depressing.
They're a little more intimidating than hamsters, but more rewarding, too. (Sorry hammies...)

megs's picture

The new pictures are great. They look so sweet. I wonder who will be lucky enough to give these girls a home?

eveliens's picture

The ladies are getting much friendlier. They come up to let me pet them through the bars and swarm the door when I open it. Jordan will even climb out on my arm. I bought some fleece socks, slit them down the middle and hung them up as hammocks. It took a few days but now I find the girls snuggled in them! We're going to introduce the litter box soon as they have a designated "potty corner" already. Smart, smart girls!

clare_bell's picture

What pretty girlies!

eveliens's picture

You know the awesome thing about rats? Rats are so dang smart. I put a litter box in the cage and the rats trained themselves to use it! There are a few misses, after all they're not cats and litter boxes aren't natural, but considering it required NO effort on my part I'm super happy.

I put two cages together to make a MEGA rat condo. The girls are LOVING it. They love to climb up to the top and hang upside down like bats or perch on their bowl like fuzzy birds. They're so agile and silly. I'm slowly making an obstacle course with wire shelves and fleece from Daiso and cardboard. But I think they like the plastic cat ball the best. They pick it up, rattle it and carry it around!

eveliens's picture

The girls are as happy and bouncy as ever. They like to climb the bars so I can tickle their tummies and rub their ears.

megs's picture

Squee! That's SO CUTE!

eveliens's picture

The girls went on a little adventure but are still their happy, crazy. monkey selves.

Portiakitty's picture

I know these girls and can vouch that they are lovely, sweet, and playful. And soooo pretty.

megs's picture

I gave my own rats some paper bags to play in last night. They loved it! And then proceeded to shred them. The girls are so fun to watch, and they've got so much personality!

eveliens's picture

These girls are still waiting. Please don't be put off by their looks. Albino rats are just as sweet and loving as rats that have color and dark eyes! This girls are happy and fed, but due to my other animals they don't get as much out of cage time as they should. They really need someone who can play with them and let them run around without dogs or cats who might harm them.