Mavis the Rabbit

Quick Bio

Type of pet: Rabbit
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
  • Good with other animals
Adoption Status: Adopted

UPDATE: Mavis and her babies were adopted and she now lives in the countryside.

Mavis is a very pretty and gentle bunny who likes people. She likes to be stroked and is very curious. She seems pretty relaxed around small dogs. I don't know about her health but from just looking at her I can't see any obvious problems.

Mavis was abandoned in Namsan Park in Seoul. I saw her while walking my dog and talked to a guy who is there everyday and said she is new - there are several rabbits who live there already but she's not one of them. She is now living with her lovely foster dad in Seoul who is well versed about bunnies. He says that she is very affectionate and likes to sleep close to him. She is doing well.

Would you like a sweet house bunny?

Adoption Fee: ₩20,000
Location: Seoul - 서울
Living Situation: In foster care


bariedel's picture

She is gorgeous....I am moving back to Korea in February and would love to have her....

ClaireO's picture

Well she needs a foster right now but watch this space! She might still be looking for a permanent home when you get here :)

dorothy and toto's picture

Are the other rabbits in the park also former pets dumped on Namsan? Good thing you spotted her so quickly before a dog perhaps bit her.

ClaireO's picture

There are a couple of rabbits who have been there for a few years and were originally dumped but apparently they don't seem to be breeding so they must be the same sex (don't know which). Yes think other rabbits get dumped there and the guy I talked to said sometimes the dogs get them (eg if they are off a leash).

dorothy and toto's picture

Yeah I knew an American who dumped their rabbit on Namsan - claimed to be just "letting it free" there (in fact, just wanted to be rid of it), but these are domestic rabbits and there are lots of dogs being walked up there off leash and some of them big dogs so the rabbits could easily get attacked. At least, rabbits are native to Korea so it won't cause some kind of ecological disturbance among the wildlife there if they start to breed but there should be fines for dumping unwanted pets there.