Quick Bio

Type of pet: Rabbit
Age: Young
Gender: Female
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with other animals
Adoption Status: Adopted

Petra is a beautiful, kind rabbit who is very curious. I am temporarily taking care of her because the previous owner had to leave Korea suddenly. She did not want to subject Petra to (what she termed) the UK's "ridiculous quarantine laws" (I don't know specifics; I'm American), and I didn't want her to have Petra put down. Unfortunately I am hardly ever in my apartment and simply do not have the time to take care of her, and it depresses me that she cannot get the love and attention from me that she deserves. The previous owner informed me that she only had one problem with Petra: once she chewed through the cable TV wire, so make sure all wires are out of the way! I live in Seongnam but you can get to me easily from Seoul by subway.

Included is some food, water/food dishes, cage, leash, her favorite stuffed animal, and some ridiculous-looking costumes that I hope you never use on her.

Adoption Fee: ₩20,000
Location: Seongnam - 성남
Living Situation: In foster care