Quick Bio

Type of pet: Rabbit
Breed/Species: Pure-Bred Rex Rabbit
Age: Young
Gender: Female
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with kids
Adoption Status: Adopted

-Update- 07/12/2014

Potato is still adoptable! Since the summer humidity hit Jeonju, Potato has shed her winter fur and lays in her cage with her own mini-AC (frozen water bottle). She's much antsier in her cage than usual as I haven't had time to take her out for her daily exercise. When I do take her out, I would take her up to my new apartment roof to exercise as I clean her cage. It's fun to watch her hopping around, stretching her legs and kicking the air! Because my living situation hasn't changed, I would often bump into her cage as I leave and enter my apartment due to the lack of space. Since she hasn't been out of her cage as often, she occupies lots of her time digging and playing with the blanket wrapped behind her cage and laying on her stomach. It would be wonderful to find Potato a new home where she can hop around and get more time out of the cage instead of just an hour a week. Thanks for reading~

Meet Potato!

She's a pure-bred rex rabbit - very calm when picked up and not aggressive, very loving, and enjoys petting and cuddles! I usually play with her for about an hour every day and let her out of her cage, but since I've moved about a month ago, it's been nearly impossible. I've moved from a city environment to working in the country, so not much time due to transportation (I usually spend at least 2 hours round trip daily) and the fact that I've moved into a smaller apartment with my boyfriend, doesn't allow much opportunity to let Potato have her time to play.

Potato, given free rein (under supervision, of course), likes to run around my apartment. She's very curious about her surroundings and likes to sniff at anything! She's potty trained to only go in the litter box in her cage.

She loves her cardboard boxes and paper towel rolls. I don't give her treats often, but she does enjoy dried cranberries and yogurt drops and beg for more with her soft eyes!

Potato was adopted from a person leaving Korea. At the time, my housing situation and time was suitable for me to foster her and give her the love and attention that she deserves; however, at this point, it's difficult for me to manage - I would love to see Potato go to a home that can provide and give her the attention she needs. For the modest rehoming fee of 40,000 won, her cage, enormous bag of hay and food (enough for 2 months), pet toys, and nail clippers will be provided.

Adoption Fee: ₩40,000
Location: Jeonju - 전주
Living Situation: Boarding