Quick Bio

Type of pet: Rabbit
Age: Young
Gender: Female
Adoption Status: Adopted

Hello! I'm looking for someone kind and caring to provide a great home for this sweet little girl.

Bear is about a year old. She is quite the character, with a very affectionate personality. She's a wonderful roommate and enjoys long back rubs after school, watching movies and taking naps on the warm ondol floor in the winter.

Bear is litter trained and will her do her business in her cage. She is accustomed to using newspaper instead of wood bedding (I am allergic to it), which is also a more budget friendly option for you! Please understand that she does have accidents in new places. She is also not allowed on furniture unsupervised, as sometimes she gets too excited and forgets her toilet manners.

As a longtime owner of rabbits, I can truthfully say Bear is one of the most intelligent and fun little bunnies I've ever met. She craves attention and enjoys sitting at your feet as you're cooking or working, just like a puppy. She loves to play but doesn't really enjoying being picked up. She likes her own personal space but she will often come and snuggle you when she's feeling comfortable.

Bear has always been a little nervous around strangers, so a loud household or a home with other pets is not an ideal situation for her. She hides from new people but warms up quickly to them once she's sure of herself again. She likes to chew on little things and papers (as any normal rabbit does) but, after a little basic bunny proofing, I know you two will get along great.

Unfortunately, I am unable to transport her home due to financial and travel reasons. I need to find a home for her by August 12th. I am located in the Daegu/Gumi area but I am willing to travel to a different city, if a good home can be found!

Adoption Fee: ₩20,000
Location: Daegu - 대구
Living Situation: With owners


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Hey, that's great! Congratulations, Bear!