Sagwa 사과

Quick Bio

Type of pet: Rabbit
Age: Young
Gender: Male

Sagwa got sick over the weekend and died last night.

Sagwa is a little over a year old. I got him at a festival, he had spent two days getting petted and tossed about by kids. His eye was all gunked up but cleared up just fine. After I got him, he just cuddled and slept on me for the better part of 24 hours. He was teeny tiny and then quintupled in two weeks.^^ He's a decent sized bunny now. Due to his natural smoky guy-liner, my friends dubbed him the K-pop bunny. So cute.

He's pretty good out of the cage, after bunny-proofing the house, of course. He will go back in his cage to do his business and come back out to play. He likes to be chased, but not caught. He's inquisitive about new people and after a little time, will usually climb on them and check them out.

I am leaving Korea at the end of the summer. The bunny can't come with me because of my living arrangements once I return to the US. I'd rather not put him through all that stress to just give him away anyway.


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I would like to say from first hand experience as his pet sitter ;) that this guy is awesome and a perfect little gentleman. Sagwa will make anyone happy to have him.

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How's the little fluffbutt doing?

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Any word about him?

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He's doing well. ^^ Just going about his usual business.

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Any luck with potential adopters? He's so cute!

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No luck yet. And I'm moving out in 5 weeks T.T

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Oh no! Try putting "urgent" in the title.

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