Bun Bun

Meet Bun Bun!
Poor Bun Bun! The only photo I can find. :(

Quick Bio

Type of pet: Rabbit
Breed/Species: Rex
Age: Young
Gender: Male
Adoption Status: Adopted

Update: 13 July 2013
Bun Bun was adopted! Good luck Bun Bun.

Bun Bun is a very sweet brown rabbit who landed up at the Asan shelter recently. Unfortunately I don't have much info about him/her yet, but hope to know more after this weekend when we visit the shelter. I will update as soon as I can! In the meantime, please keep in mind that there is a sweet bunny looking for his/her forever home (or even a foster home for now) and you can help just by spreading the word!

Thank you!

Please contact me if you are interested in adopting or fostering Bun Bun! (Contact details below.)

Adoption Fee: ₩20,000
Location: Asan - 아산
Living Situation: In a shelter
Adopted From: Asan Shelter


matthew4694's picture

I was surprised to see such a beautiful rabbit at the shelter on Saturday. This gorgeous bunny got a lot of attention, so hopefully we can get some more info about him or her soon!

megs's picture

How's BunBun?

clare_bell's picture

Bun Bun is "meh". He/she is stuck in a small cage at a shelter with cats & dogs everywhere. He'd love a home to go to!

Amanda24601's picture

Ooh my is Bun Bun a rex?? I hate the idea of her being surrounded by barking dogs, poor thing.... Any idea how old he/she is? How is she with being handled? Does she still need a foster home?

clare_bell's picture

Hi Amanda24601, I wish I could tell you! :( I know next-to-nothing about rabbits! Bun Bun is super cute and appears to be fine when handled. Still unsure of whether BB is a male or female and YES, Bun Bun still needs a foster home! It's pretty urgent. The shelter is no place for a bunny. :(

(Oh, I've just Googled "Rex rabbits" and I would say yes!)

Amanda24601's picture

Thanks so much! I love rexes! I agree about the shelter situation and will talk to my husband tonight- we may be able to foster him/her. We live in Jincheon which doesn't have that many buses to that many places, so I'll have to look into the bus situation. I'll be in touch!

Amanda24601's picture

Hey Clare_bell, well, we talked about it and since my husband's contract is almost up and we don't know where we'll be next, it is just not a good time to bring home another animal as much as we would like to. If we end up in another crust-hole apartment it will be challenging enough with our two cats. On the other hand we may be staying in the lovely apartment we have now- unfortunately we just don't know at this point : ( If I find out we are indeed staying and Bun Bun is still in need we can help, but that might not be for a few weeks : ( Rexes are THE best- hope he/she finds a foster/forever home soon.

clare_bell's picture

Thank you so much Amanda24601, I really appreciate your concern and that you tried! Please share Bun Bun's profile if you can, and if you have any info I could add to this profile on rabbits (you sound pretty knowledgeable) I'd really appreciate it. :)

Amanda24601's picture

Hey, yeah I just wish we knew one way or the other, but as far as rabbits go, everything Marla said- Growing up I also had cats, dogs, rabbits (and many other critters) living together just fine, so if anyone hesitates to adopt because they have other pets, there would most likely not be a problem unless they have an aggressive, protective or dominant dog. Cats and dogs, from my experience, will be curious but get over it. Our rabbits actually chased our cats and dog, so having them together is not quite the food chain you might think. Rabbits are A LOT tougher than they look! Another awesome thing is that they can be litter trained. I've had friends who didn't even cage their rabbits they just had a couple litter boxes around. So really, rabbits are an ideal apartment pet. I saw some decent cages on Gmarket as well as decent food and hay, as someone else mentioned, plus fresh veggies are readily available here.
Maybe you want to mention in Bun Bun's profile that irresistibly soft, chinchilla like coat that makes rexes sooo special.
Any chance Bun Bun could get out for a bit to stretch his/her legs? He/She's probably dying to jump around and do zoomies!
Also, I see her eating greens in the pics plus she probably eats the hay bedding- too much veggies and hay can cause diarrhea, does she have actual rabbit food?

drkim81's picture

I took these pictures 29th June. I forgot updating. :(
BunBun looked good when I met him(her?) in the last Sat.
We cleaned his place and Mr.Park cares of him with the cleaned cage and fresh grass.
However, Bunbun really needs a forever home. He is very sweet and calm. :)
(Actually this was my first time to touch rabbit, so I was afraid of him but it was my misunderstanding. he was very kind and sweet.)
I'm going to see him this Sat again! Yay!

marlajoy's picture

Rabbits make awesome additions to the family! They are very intelligent and often very affectionate, curious, fun, playful and loving. They are capable of getting along well with dogs and cats too. I had rabbits growing up and they were all best buddies with the multiple cats that we had. Really, I wish more people were open to having them in their home. Hope Bun Bun finds a great home soon! It can't be fun staying locked up in that little cage all day every day! :(

megs's picture

I found a lot of good-quality rabbit food and hay available on Gmarket. Oxbow, specifically. I wish they had as much stuff for rats as they do for rabbits! He looks like such a sweetheart!

matthew4694's picture

Bun Bun got some high-quality rabbit food yesterday! Also, with the help of Mr. Park and Arielle, we were able to determine (to the best of our ability) that he is a boy!

lkiamx's picture

Rabbits should be fed unlimited timothy hay (alfafa, if less than 6 months old) and limited rabbit pellets. Too much pellets will make Bun Bun sick, and looking at the picture, to me it seems like Bun Bun is a girl.. :D

megs's picture

Yay for BunBun!