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Quick Bio

Type of pet: Rabbit
Breed/Species: Lionhead
Age: Adult
Gender: Female

Update 31 July 2012
Lilah has finally gone into foster care. A beautiful soul, Connie from Daejeon filled in the paper work to foster Lilah, but in the mid-term one of the Korean volunteers at the shelter took Lilah home to foster her till a permanent home can be found. I am happy she is out of the shelter, but not sure if she is being kept in the cage or not since the shelter volunteers do not have rabbit experience. Please keep spreading the word to find her a forever home. Remember it is difficult to bring rabbits out of Korea into your home country. Be prepared to pay at least $700USD for flights for her. Fighting Lilah, Fighting!

Lilah has been living at Yangju shelter for at least 5 years. No one seems to know her exact age. She is a BEAUTIFUL and timid lady. I tried to play with her to find out how tame she was. She would attempt to move away from my poking and prodding, but never once did she growl or bite at me. I think that at the shelter with over 200 animals, she doesn't get the daily handling that she needs.

Lilah has not been spayed, and although it is highly recommended to spay rabbits for not only their health, but to lesson any destructive or aggressive behaviors they may have, Lilah may now be too old to spay. It is not recommend to spay rabbits over 6 years of age, because at that point the surgery may be too dangerous. Your vet can tell you more after a full examination. If she is healthy, the vet may recommend going ahead with the spay.

When Lilah is adopted or taken into foster care, she will need to have a full examination, including blood panels. Because of her age, she should have a full examination each year for the remainder of her life. Rabbits generally live to be 10-12 years old.

UNFORTUNATELY, it is very difficult to fly a rabbit back to another country. Many do not allow the import of rabbits and others have strict guild lines and high prices! I truly believe that the right person will come along and will be willing to put in the time and the money to get Lilah home. A friend stated that after calling numerous airlines, that she finally went with a pet courier service and the least expensive price she was quoted was from Seoul to LA for $700USD. At the bottom of the page, I will list all the airlines that I could find flying out of Korea and into Canada, SA and USA along with connecting flight. I will also list if they will allow rabbits. This way, if you want to attempt to put together your own flight for Lilah, you will have a base for which airlines to call. Please remember that airline policies regarding pets seem to change on the drop of a hat now-a-days. If you can fill in, correct, or add to any information I have listed, please, please let me know!

Lilah is all alone in a room now that I am fostering her roommate from the shelter. I hope there is someone out there who is willing to at least foster her. Her tired little feet have been standing on that wire cage for five years to long. It sure would be nice for her to have something soft to curl up on now that she is getting older and some fresh veggies every day!

If you cannot foster or adopt, but are willing to help sponsor for Lilah's health check, please email me as well. And most importantly...pass the word... Lovely Lilah needs a home!

Country Import Regulations:
*Lilah can only be adopted by Korean, Canadian, South African or American Nationals due to strict Import regulations of bunnies to other territories.

Canada: Need to apply 30 days in advance of flight stating that
a. The rabbit has been in your possession in Korea.
b. You will personally be accompanying the rabbit from Korea to Canada

Korea: Hey you are already home bunny! No worries!

South Africa: Need to apply 30 days in advance to the Director of Animal Health. South Africa does not quarantine healthy pets provided proper paperwork is shown. You will need to call in advance to find out if they will require a titer test as part of the paper work for a rabbit. It is required for dogs and cats, but not all small animals. They request you call about titer test. Additional paperwork: a vet health check stating the rabbit is in good health. Health checks must be completed no more that 10 days prior to landing in South Africa.

United States of America: No CDC or USFWS restrictions or requirements. BUT highly recommend to have a veterinary health check. You can get these free at some vets. You will want to make sure your rabbit is healthy and should there be any questions about the health at the

Currently New Zealand and Australia do not allow the import of rabbits from Korea. The UK and NI require a VERY EXPENISIVE 6 month quarantine of the rabbit, which is a large portion of Lilah's life. I have not researched other countries, but if you are interested and from a country not mentioned, please email me!

Airline Info:

Air Canada-Pets shipped via AirCanada Cargo only. Charges based on origin-destination, type of animal and "active dimensional" combined weight of animal and kennel, which is greater.
Air China- As check baggage. Call for pricing.
Air France- No regulations listed; just country restrictions and cat and dog only in cabin.
Alaska Airlines- Baggage, cargo and carry-on. $150 Alaska to Canada.
All Nippon Airways-As baggage and charged as excess baggage fee. Asia to NA, $300USD
American Airlines - No rabbits.
Asiana Air - no rabbits.
Cathay Pacific-"Pets, SUCH AS dog, cat and bird" can fly in cargo. Please call for rabbit.
China Airlines- As cargo. Call for pricing.
China Southern-As cargo. Charged as excess baggage.
Delta - As cargo only. Call for Korea Pricing. ex. PR - Alaska is $250
Emirates-Checked baggage only. Call for pricing.
Hawaiian Airlines - No rabbits.
Iberia-In passenger cabin. ex for pricing - US to the Caribbean/ South American countries $100USD. This is a second-leg flight into Canada.
Japan Airlines-As cargo. Call for pricing.
Korean Air - no rabbit in cabin. Please inquire @ animal transportation agency about cargo & pricing.
Lufthansa- As unaccompanied baggage and cargo. $200USD.
Philippine Airlines-"Pets SUCH AS dogs, cats and birds" as baggage. Call regarding rabbit and pricing.
Qatar Airways- Cargo and checked baggage. Call for pricing.
Singapore Airlines - As unaccompanied baggage only. Not on A345-500 or A380-800 flights. Charges - pets with kennel will be treated as excess baggage and charged accordingly. $109-164USD
South African Airways- "Animals to SA, not to be checked as manifested cargo."
Thai Airways International - Only restrictions listed on site are breed restrictions and country restrictions. Call for rabbit information.
United Airlines- Accept in cabin depending on country departure and arrival rules; you need to call 1-800-864-8331. Flying across the US costs $125USD. Rabbits not allowed on any United First, United Global, First United Business, First United Business Boeing 747, 757, 767, 777 flights.
US Airways - No rabbits.

**Please let me know if you know something different than what I have listed. I have never traveled with a rabbit and what I have listed is from the help of those in the know and from information listed on airline and country websites as well as and seatguru.**


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10 commandments for Bunny Moms and Dads. Cute and quick video.

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Aw I am soooo glad she got a foster family! Good for her :)

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Hello everyone, we have some bad news. On August 10th, Lilah passed away in her foster home due to an acute illness. Rest in peace.

*Guillian, could you please change her status on ARK? Thanks.

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:( What was the illness that killed her? That is like a couple weeks after they got her. I wonder if she got into something or it was her diet. They can be fickle that way.