Ani & Arethra

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Arethra the Serene

Quick Bio

Type of pet: Other
Breed/Species: Fancy rat
Age: Young
Gender: Female
  • Good with kids
  • Good with other animals
  • Bonded pair
Adoption Status: Adopted

These two lovelies were rescued from death row in Gunpo. I was actually quite shocked to see fancy rats in Korea. Why? Because they are the BEST KEPT secret pet!

-learn their names
-shoulder surf
-give kisses
-"giggle" when you tickle them
-almost never bite
-don't bark or scratch
-don't need a lot of room
-don't need constant attention
-can learn tricks
-love having buddies (twice the fun!)
-are stinkin' cute and fuzzy
-don't need walks
-are really funny
-are very clean
-know their owners
-relatively inexpensive (compared to rabbits, dogs and cats)
-do "bruxing" and "boggling" when they're super happy (their eyes pop out of their head! - not literally. Youtube it.)

Are rats right for you?
Rats are good for owners who would like a dog-like animal but without all the hassle, chewed up slippers, out walking in the freezing cold sleet, etc.... or people who have landlords who won't allow dogs. Or people who don't have space for a pooch. Or people who intend to stay in Korea for a few years but can't take a dog back home to NZ or where ever.

Ani is a little girl and somewhat of a houdini. She loves using that little brain of hers! Arethra is a lot more laid back and a little bit chunky (like her daddy). Both girls are very friendly and like to give kisses and explore.

All rats must be adopted in pairs.

Not sure or want to know more about rats? Rat Care FAQ here;

Adoption Fee: ₩10,000
Location: Seoul - 서울
Living Situation: In foster care


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What's the latest on these girlies? Are there still 2 available?

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Yes, Ani and Arethra are still looking for their forever home. The last move back and forth really freaked them out, so I've been working with them to calm them down. They do have some interest though, so fingers crossed :D

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The girls were adopted last night by a very excited family with 3 (human) boys! Congrats girls :)

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Now if I only had the luck adopting out pups as I did these wonderful little creatures

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That's wonderful!

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Didn't you have a link or write up or something about how to fly with rodents or rabbits?

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Just a few links, no write ups. Flying with rats is extremely easy. You need: airline approved crate, fleece blanket (with your/their cage smell) for hiding/snuggling, unmovable food dish clamped to the side, unmovable water dish and appropriate paperwork/ticket. The rats will sleep during the trip after the initial confusion (as they do with subway rides).

Rabbits and guinea pigs are completely different stories. There is a chance they would die from stress in-transit. Not sure about other exotics like hedgehogs or ferrets. I'd imagine they'd be okay like the rats though, given their natures. Provided you could keep the ferret from escaping.

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From their new home: "I just wanted to let you know how the girls are doing, as you must be missing them a little. As soon as I brought them home and set up their cage, they seemed so happy and excited. Mandy and Candy were very social, climbing around everywhere; but I heeded your advice to keep them in the cage and not handle them for one day, even though they seemed to want very much to be handled! The boys were so excited, they didn't sleep till past midnight--especially Jared because they are now "his" rats--the ones he's been waiting for "forever"! He named them Mandy (Ani) and Candy (Arethra). Both girls are doing wonderfully. We love 'em to bits; and I think they love us too! My landlady was also happy about their homecoming as her sister also raised rats (they're American). I made pizza last night and gave them a slightly hardened crust to nibble on; and they both tore right into it! I hope that's okay for their health. Thanks again, for rescueing these remarkable little ladies so that they could meet us and rock our world! Take care...."

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Adorable!!! Love love love it!! Well done on finding them all wonderful homes!!