Dandy and Cowboy

Quick Bio

Type of pet: Other
Breed/Species: Fancy rat
Age: Young
Gender: Male
  • Good with kids
  • Good with other animals
  • Bonded pair
Adoption Status: Adopted

Please note, Cowboy is currently recovering from a cold. Due to the cold weather and Cowboy's cold, the boys cannot be adopted right away. However, I am still accepting emails about them if you're interested :) I expect they will be ready to go within the next 1-2 weeks!

These lovely boys were rescued from death row in Gunpo. I was actually quite shocked to see fancy rats in Korea. Why? Because they are the BEST KEPT secret pet!

-learn their names
-shoulder surf
-give kisses
-"giggle" when you tickle them
-almost never bite
-don't bark or scratch
-don't need a lot of room
-don't need constant attention
-can learn tricks
-love having buddies (twice the fun!)
-are stinkin' cute and fuzzy
-don't need walks
-are really funny
-are very clean
-know their owners
-relatively inexpensive (compared to rabbits, dogs and cats)
-do "bruxing" and "boggling" when they're super happy (their eyes pop out of their head! - not literally. Youtube it.)

Are rats right for you?
Rats are good for owners who would like a dog-like animal but without all the hassle, chewed up slippers, out walking in the freezing cold sleet, etc.... or people who have landlords who won't allow dogs. Or people who don't have space for a pooch. Or people who intend to stay in Korea for a few years but can't take a dog back home to NZ or where ever.

About the boys!

Dandy is the boys' daddy. He is very chill. He enjoys taking a snooze and a good scratch behind the ears. When I left them run around on my bed he usually ends up sleeping against my leg after he's had his fill of wandering around. He's very beautiful! Cowboy is Dandy's son from the second litter. He is a big, fat "smosh" as they say in rattie terms. He's always coming up to the door wanting me to pay some attention to him. Both boys are very friendly and calm with each other, people and my dogs.

These boys are bonded and must be adopted together. Actually, all rats thrive on company and should be adopted in pairs or they will be lonely and depressed. Plus, they keep each other company when you are not home :)

If you think you might be interested or have questions about rats, please feel free to contact me @ [email protected]

Adoption Fee: ₩10,000
Location: Seoul - 서울
Living Situation: In foster care


clare_bell's picture

Totally love that you are up to your ears in rats!! :)

I'll share on FB :)

eveliens's picture

Please pimp these guys on facebook! The ratties must have foster homes or adoptive homes lined up by weaning time. I cannot house 17 rats long term! The only reason I took mom&babies is because the vet said he was thought he was going to have to kill them in a few days! All of the babies are going to be hand-raised, so they are going to be super sweet and friendly :)

Athena's picture

They are so cute! I would ideally like to adopt in pairs as well because I frequently go out and for a few days at a time and would like to let them have company ^^ They are also ideal because I plan on living in Korea for about two years which is how long their life span is (if they live longer, I'll be sure to bring them back with me ^^) Do you have a cage I can buy or do I need to buy it myself?

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Doing some quick rattie math, I believe there are 5 baby boys in the new litter, which means that Dandy (Daddy) cannot be adopted with Doodle and Yankee. Will update with the final count tomorrow when I can sort the babies properly!

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As it stands, I'm pretty sure that there are 8 boys and 10 girl rats, in which case all rats will be adopted in sibling or father/son or mother/daughter pairs.

These boys are super happy. A new cage arrived for them yesterday and they spent the night bouncing around and exploring. They also seem to be litter training themselves, so I am going to work on rewarding that behavior :D

New cage: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v333/eveliens/P1020317.jpg

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Well, here's a little cautionary tale. I know better than this, I really do, but who expects wires from the ceiling?

In any case, potential adopters, please note that rats are chewers! Their front teeth never stop growing in their lifetime. If they don't chew all the time, their teeth will actually grow through the roof of their mouth and into their brain.

I was cleaning cages this morning. Actually, I was pretty happy because things were moving along quickly. I set the boys' cage on top of my oven for a moment while I moved mom&babies. Then I removed them. In that 30 seconds, one of the boys snipped right through my internet cable! It didn't hurt him (obviously), but now I have the awkward task of convincing my CT to call the company to send someone out to fix it. Not to mention find a place to put the rats while he does it >.<

So dear future adopters, please, please keep cords up and out of the way! If he had gotten ahold of a different cord, this may not just be awkward, it would be tragic.

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So, this is the difference between dogs and rats.

I bought one of those hard plastic treat dispensers from Emart. It's intended for dogs but my dogs are a little on the slow side and would never figure it out. I filled it with rat food thinking the boys would enjoy a challenge. Enjoy it they did!

A dog would painstakingly roll it around until every last kibble fell out... the rats said, no way, that's too much work! So what did they do? They OPENED the ball and helped themselves. How they did this, I do not know, but they did. Guess I need to screw it on tighter next time to prolong the fun ;)

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Well, the two teenage boys should be going to their new home tomorrow :) But daddy and his mystery baby boy are still waiting for a place to call home. I wanted to take a picture to show how GORGEOUS dad's coat is. He's exactly what an agouti should be - deep rich mahogany, black and tan (the hairs are actually tri-colored, neat huh?).

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Yankee and Doodle went to their new home today!

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Ah congrats boys!! :)

eveliens's picture

All boys have been adopted!

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YAY!! Love seeing them in the adopted section!! :)

eveliens's picture

Me too :) Now for the girls! There are 8 left but 4 are in the process of being adopted.

clare_bell's picture

You've done an AMAZING job with them and finding them homes. Thank you so much!!

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You know the awesome thing about rats? Rats are so dang smart. I put a litter box in the cage and the rats trained themselves to use it! There are a few misses, after all they're not cats and litter boxes aren't natural, but considering it required NO effort on my part I'm super happy.

The boys are a little shy but quite friendly. I took them out and let them run around on the bed. Dandy relaxed and snuggled up against my leg but Cowboy's a bit younger and took to taunting the dog.

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Boy rats are notorious slobs. These two are suspiciously clean... they taught themselves to use the litterbox! And they do us it 100% (except for marking). It's weird. They're better about their potty habits than the girls. But as you can imagine, this makes cage cleaning and smell issues that much easier to keep under control! Cowboy has a bit of a cold and is snuffly but both boys have been treated for mites and are no longer itchy :)

Several people have asked how old they are. Dandy is 1 yr 2 mo and Cowboy is 11 months.

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Is Cowboy still sick? I feel really bad for him. I know how that is, living with the sniffles day in, day out.

eveliens's picture

He's been put on doxycycline 2x a day and seems to be recovering really well. He's not a fan of the meds because they taste terrible, but he lets me give them to him without a fuss. Other than that he's doing really well! Eating and wrestling and being silly.