How he looked when I found him in the rain

Quick Bio

Type of pet: Gerbil
Breed/Species: Gerbil
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Adoption Status: Adopted

*UPDATE* The Little dude has a new home with a super awesome lady and her ridiculously cute little girl. I am convinced he will have and happy life with this great pair and am very glad he finally gets to move out of the travel tank he was living in in my apartment. Fingers crossed he learns to use a ball and go up ramps.

I found this little guy while walking home from work in the pouring rain. Someone had thrown him in the garbage pile outside my apartment building, cage and all. I couldn't leave him sitting there starving and drowning as the tank filled with water, so I brought him inside. He had apparently been living off of dried fish, had never had his cage cleaned, and had nothing wrong with him other then being wet and freaked out. I put him in my hedgehog's old travel tank and gave him some water and clean, dry shavings and within an hour he was dry and happy.

However, I can not keep and care for a gerbil right now. I have a cat (who thinks I got him the best TV ever) and hedgehog already. I am returning to the US soon and I can not bring Splinter back with me. I also am not really looking to own any more pets at the moment. I want the little guy to have a new start at life (hence the name Splinter, after another rodent thrown out with the trash). He is friendly and fun to watch. He loves to chew up anything you put in the cage and put all the shavings on one side of the tank. He comes with an exercise ball (he hasn't figured out how to use it yet), his tank, water bottle, and food. I have had him about two weeks and I haven't noticed anything wrong with him. He seems to be friendly, but I haven't really tried to hold him because I am a little scared of small rodents. I have picked him up around the middle to put him in his ball and I have also let him run down my hand into the cage and he has never tried to bite.

He would make a great apartment buddy for someone living in a tiny apartment. After everything this little dude has been through, he deserves a good home with someone who won't throw him out with the garbage. Will you be that home???

Adoption Fee: ₩20,000
Location: Daegu - 대구
Living Situation: In foster care


Katherine Magnotti's picture

i love the rodent people!

megs's picture

I love rodent people, too!
I'm sure there's a foreigner out there that would love a gerbil friend. He looks so cute! And thank you for saving him. He looks wet and pretty awful in that one photo. :/

Jenner's picture

He's so cute!!! I would be interested (as well as my 4 year old daughter), but when I looked up the location, you are so far away. Are you ever in Seoul? If you are, let me know.

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I actually will be coming to seoul this weekend if you are interested in the little guy. have been playing with him lately (getting past my small rodent fear) and he is very sweet. Though he still can't seem to figure out the ball.

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I totally forgot that I was going to the apple festival all day Saturday, but I can meet anytime on Sunday. If you can't meet on Sunday, my friend said that she can meet you Saturday before lunch and bring him to my home. Let me know what works for you. Can't wait to meet him!!! My daughter is also excited.:)

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Hee hee…he needs practice. :) Yes, I'm interested. Please let me know where and when you'll be here and we can meet you. Can't wait to meet this little fellow. :) I'll pick up some things for him before we meet so I'm prepared. Does he bite? I know he might be scared, but I've owned gerbils in the past, and they usually don't nip as much as hamsters. He has been traumatized by his previous owner though, so I wouldn't blame him if he did. Just want to be prepared. :) My daughter will be excited as well as my students. I told them his story; they were heartbroken. Thanks for being such a caring human! <3
My number: 010-3496-0824. I work during the day, but feel free to text me. Cheers!

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oh does he have a chance to be adopted??? I do hope he gets adopted by Jenner. He will get the love and attention he really deserves!

Jenner's picture

We are getting Splinter tomorrow! :) So excited!!! I'll try to post some photos on Sunday.

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Oh thats so Great!!! Im so excited for splinter! Thanks so much ti CarlyHeiber for savung him and for Jenner for making a littlegerbil's dream come true!!!!!

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Splinter (aka Butterfly), is doing so well. My daughter insists that his name is Butterfly-Egads! We had him out this morning and he hasn't even tried to nibble us. :) He seems happy and enjoyed a little apple morsel earlier today. The only thing that makes me laugh is that he hasn't figured out how to venture to the top of his cage where the play wheel is. Just how does one teach a gerbil to walk up a ramp. I'm surprised curiosity didn't lead him there. Oh well, it's his domain and he'll figure it out eventually. :) I'll try to post pics soon. I tried yesterday, but it seems my files exceed the limit for the site. I'm no tech guru, so I have to ask someone how to make my files smaller.

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Is Splinter officially adopted now? I hope so! If so, the author can move him to the "Adopted" section by editing the "Adoption Status" field. Here's more info: http://www.animalrescuekorea.org/updating

And Jenner, if you're still having trouble resizing your images, send me an email. I can help :)