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Type of pet: Hedgehog
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Adoption Status: Adopted

1/25/2014: Reggie's been adopted! He went to a fantastic family today. It sucked to let him go, but I'm grateful that he's going to be safe and loved.
Thank you to everyone who offered to help!

It's with a great deal of anguish that I write this adoption profile up. I know you all hear that a lot, but it's true. I'm moving home in March, and I've been trying EVERYTHING to take Reggie with me. I've checked with international shipping companies such as USPS and FedEx (they don't do mammals overseas). I've tried to book passage on a cargo freighter (they don't allow pets, period.) I've considered smuggling him in, but if caught he would be destroyed. (It sounds dramatic, but it's true.) I'm currently in contact with no less than FOUR (4) pet shipping companies.
The first company wanted $900 to ship him to the U.S., and has never gotten back to me.
The second company took my information and has never gotten back to me. Nor have they answered my emails.
The third company took my information and said they hoped to know within the week if they could ship my hedgehog. That was 2 weeks ago. When I called them again, they told me that their shipping agent still hadn't gotten back to them "because of the holidays."
The fourth company I contacted today out of sheer frustration with the first three. I will email them and hope to hear back soon.
I can't book him as cargo myself. Every airline I've tried to do it with (United, Delta, Air Canada) has referred me back to shipping companies #2-4.
I would like to add that I've already done all the research on bringing hedgehogs into the USA, and it's totally fine. FINE. I just need a health certificate, dated within 10 days of shipping. I don't know why these cargo agents are having such a hard time figuring out what I've already figured out. He needs a health cert and a warm cargo hold, some blankets/food/water for the trip. He needs to arrive in 1 of 4 ports that accept exotic animals: LAX, Chicago O'Hare, New Orleans, or NY (JFK, I think?). He's supposed to be headed to Chicago O'Hare. The state he arrives in also needs to be hedgehog legal. Illinois is. His end destination, Ohio, is also hedgehog legal. That's it. It's not hard, so I don't understand why everyone is making it so difficult.

Please understand, I started asking around in JULY. I still have several months before I need to leave, but I'm hitting wall after wall.

Reggie is my darling hedgehog. He was my first pet in Korea. I've had him since Dec. 2011, when I adopted him from another expat. I had planned to stay in Korea for several more years, so I could keep him for the rest of his life. Now I don't know what else to do, but start trying to look for a home for Reggie. If this keeps up, I don't want to scramble to find him a home in February. At the very least, I want a foster home for him so I can keep trying to get him home to me.

Reggie is a very good male hedgehog. He sleeps a lot, and eats Orijen cat & kitten chicken diet. He likes it a lot. I used to have special hedgehog food shipped to me, but I had too many problems with the USPS & Korean post office. We watch movies together, and sometimes read books together, too. My boyfriend adores him. He's easy to clean up after. His skin is dry, but I have a special spray for it. He has his own wheel, which I also brought from the U.S., and his own cage.

50,000w is not cheap for a male hedgehog. You can get a hedgehog a lot cheaper in a store, and younger, and supposedly cuter. But Reggie is my little hedgehog darling, and I'm not going to pass him off for a song. The adoption fee will go directly towards helping animals at shelters, or animals in need of medical treatment.

Adoption Fee: ₩50,000
Location: Changwon - 창원
Living Situation: With owners


marlajoy's picture

Oh, this is really sad to hear. Definitely keep trying with the pet shipping companies. They will get back to you eventually - it's just obviously busy this time of year. You've still got time. If all else fails, I will happily foster him when you leave until you can get him shipped to you in the States. But don't give up because I'm confident things will all work out! :)

Rod24's picture

I will be more than happy to care for Reggie. I will be in Korea for two years. As hedgehogs don't normally live past five years, I'm sure he will be happy in our home for the remainder of his life. When would you like to meet? I'm in Pyeongtaek.

megs's picture

marlajoy, yes, I'm still trying. It's very frustrating, though. I might end up asking you to foster him until I can raise the money to get him to me. I hate hate hate the idea of leaving him behind. :(

Rod24, please send me an adoption application found on the ARK website. :) Reggie could live anywhere from 4-10 years, though.

marlajoy's picture

Any more info. on Reggie and shipping? Anything happening with Rod24?

megs's picture

Hey marlajoy, thank you for asking! Mixed news, but it looks like Reggie has home. A friend was able to recommend a family to me, and after asking they have agreed to take Reggie into their family. I'm happy that Reggie will be going to a safe, loving home, but very sad that we won't be together anymore.
I spent quite a lot of time trying to figure it all out, and the end cost was going to be $1,100 USD, as Reggie has to go cargo, and cannot ride as excess baggage or in-cabin. That price tag is only for the cargo, though. I would still need to apply for a permit to bring him to the U.S., and even then there's no guarantee that I would be granted the permit.
It's been a long, frustrating few months. I'm sad that my family won't ever meet Reggie, and we won't cuddle and watch movies or read books together. I'm happy, though, that he'll be safe, and cared for. A mixed bag, really. :/

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Aw, I'm sad for you but super happy that you found a nice home for him! That's more than a lot of animals get.