The Friar

first day I brought him hometreat day!all grown up and still looks the same <3

Quick Bio

Type of pet: Hedgehog
Breed/Species: African Pygmy Hedgehog
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
  • Good with other animals
Adoption Status: Adopted

The friar was born into the life of an assassin. He grew to be the top in his field, shooting out quills with deadly precision. One day, he suffered a crisis of faith and began to question why he mindlessly killed his targets. After and epic battle with his controls, he abandoned the life and took up the cloth as a humble friar. Still.... Some nights, a mysterious visitor will arrive on the gates of the abbey, and Spikey McStab-Stab leaves to haunt the night again!

The Friar is a little over a year old, and I have owned him since he was about 5 weeks old. over the past year, he has grown up big and hungry. He gets dry hedgie food, fond at most large stores or pet stores, as well as dried meal worms as a treat. His very-super-all-time-favorite treat is a little canned tuna or plain cooked chicken. I have tried giving him cooked veggies or leafy greens and mostly he just throws them all over his cage. He has a ball he will run around in for about an hour a day. You can let him run around loose too, as long as you don't mind digging into the tinest,darkest space in your apartment to get him back.

He likes to wedge himself up next to you under blankets on the sofa, or curl up in a blanket on your lap. Hats are also pretty exciting to him. Since he is nocturnal, the darker the space the better. My favorite thing to do is give him baths. Of course his favorite part of the bath is the fluffy towel he get rubbed with at the end ;) His favorite pastimes are sleeping, eating, and moving around everything in his tank. I swear, he thinks he is an interior decorator.

A video of bath time:

I love this little dude a lot but unfortunately I am not allowed to bring him back into the US with me. Sadly, I need to find a new home for this dude as I am leaving Korea soon. He has been a great companion during my time here, especially before I was able to get a cat or other furry creature to snuggle. If you are lonely and looking for a nice little companion to keep you company in your shoe box apartment, this is the dude for you. I spent many an hour watching him roll around my apartment in his ball, first on his own, then while tormenting my cat.

He comes with his ball, cage, food, meal worms, and other supplies.

Adoption Fee: ₩40,000
Location: Daegu - 대구
Living Situation: With owners