Herbert the Hedgehog

Quick Bio

Type of pet: Hedgehog
Age: Young
Gender: Male
Adoption Status: Adopted

Hello! I recently adopted Herbert (about a month ago) and I will be moving from my village to Pohang soon. I was just informed by my Co Teacher that my housing had been changed to a apartment building that "strictly" does not allow pets. She even informed me that the landlord said that he will fine me if he finds that I have a pet :(
So, in light of this, I need to give him up for adoption or foster care until a stable home can be found for him.

So, Herbert is about 1 years old! He is a sweet little guy that loves to eat. When he comes out of his cage, he is very energetic and likes to run around. I would suggest getting him a cage enclosure off of Gmarket for him to run inside of when he's outside of his cage because he will get excited and run around under the bed and such. And, if you have a lot of small spaces in your apartment, it might prevent him from getting stuck somewhere or getting hurt. Herbert is very healthy and requires little maintenance. I usually change his food and water once a day (though he sometimes likes to knock over his water bowl for some reason and if I notice, I just refill it for him). He is relatively quiet and doesn't mind being held, but he'll run in your hands because he keeps moving. He loves boxes! Like, he LOVES boxes, so they will entertain him for a while.

That's just the basics, but if you have any more specific questions for me or are interested in adoption or fostering him, I'd love to answer them. Just drop me an email!

I'm asking 30,000 for his adoption fee only because I just bought him fresh supplies (food, snacks, a new toy, and litter for his cage). For this fee, you will get EVERYTHING for him (collapsable large cage, food, corn litter, lots of meal worms, fruit and veggies pellets, a play ball, washing soap). I have a carrier for him as well, but since that cost me a bit, you would have to pay extra to take that off my hands. Otherwise, I will be giving it to my friend for her use.

Like I said, this is urgent since I am moving on the 24th of August! I would preferably like to have him moved out and into a new home by the 23rd. I live about 20mins outside of Daegu. My town is VERY easy to get to from Daesil station. I could even meet you halfway, but I'd prefer for anyone interested to come and meet him first~

Adoption Fee: ₩30,000
Location: Pohang - 포항
Living Situation: With owners


skleffing's picture

I am currently in the US on vacation. I'll be back in Korea at the beginning of September. If you can work around that extra week, I would love to adopt Herbert. ^^ Let me know.

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Hi! If you can shoot me an email, then I could give you some information. If it's the beginning of sept, then I think it will be fine but I have to speak with my CT so I can let you know by email!