Nacho the Hedgehog- URGENT

Quick Bio

Type of pet: Hedgehog
Breed/Species: African Pygmy
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Adoption Status: Adopted

URGENT - Leaving Korea on August 25th and need to find a new home for Nacho.

I just recently found out that I can't take my hedgehog Nacho home with me because hedgehogs are illegal to own in California, one of the few states where they are. I'm so sad that I have to leave her as I know I made a commitment as a pet owner to look after her. I need to find a loving new owner for her.

Nacho is one year old and loves to take naps and hang out with me while watching TV. I bought her at a hedgehog store last year in southwest Seoul when she was just a couple of weeks old. She is so cute. Usually I put her in a cut-up t-shirt and then put her on my stomach while I'm watching TV or using the computer. She likes having her soft neck and belly rubbed. And when she gets comfortable, she lets me pet her quills. If she wakes up, I put her in her orange ball and let her roll around the room or just let her walk around on me or the floor. She was an adorable baby, but then at 1-2 months old she started quilling (losing her baby quills) and that made her grumpy. It took a month for her to get back to her sweet self, but now she loves attention.

When she was a month old, she got some wood mites on her that made her itchy. I found out it was from a bad batch of wood shaving bed linings (the bugs were in the packaging) and I took her to the vet and with an ointment, they were gone within a week. This is the only health issue she has had, and she is a healthy hedgehog.

Hedgehogs are really low maintenance pets yet very rewarding. I try to play with her once a day, but if you are busy then she is fine with not being taken out every day. Also if you are going on a trip during the weekend, give her enough food and water in her bowls and she will be fine. If you have any questions about owning a hedgehog, ask me in a PM. I'm asking 50,000 won for her and all the accessories (spent well over 250,000 won for her and her supplies).

This includes her and everything you need. I bought her a lot of stuff to spoil her so everything you can imagine and more comes with the price.

Blue Plastic Cage

Really easy to clean and transport. It's a clear blue and comes with a wire mesh top/lid so you can see her well.

Two Story Hedgehog House

Hedgehogs are nocturnal, so during the day, Nacho likes to sleep in the house because its dark. On the second floor, there is a litter box where she poops and pees.

Hampster/Hedgehog Ball

This is a see through orange ball that she can hang out in the room in. She can walk and roll around the room wherever she wants. Watch the video to get an idea of how she looks.

Hedgehog Exercise Wheel

Her most important toy/accessory, she works out every night on this wheel. The pitter patter of her feet on the wheel is so cute, and although it was a little annoying to sleep to at first, now the sound helps me go to sleep because I know she's happy and healthy.

Cloth Bed Lining

At first, I used wood shavings for her bedding, but it was pretty messy and it would get dirty faster. She seems to like the bedding because she likes to burrow under it for warmth and darkness. Two of them are blue ones with dogs on them, and one is a yellow one with horses on it.

Cloth Tunnel House

You can see it in the picture. I usually set it up next to her house.

Hedgehog Food

Hedgehog Shampoo

Cloth Hedgehog Blankets

Mealworm Treats

Cardboard Wheel Covers
All hedgehogs poop when they run on the wheel at night, and the cardboard wheel covers make it easy to clean up after. I usually let her use the same one for 2-4 days and then change it to a new one.

There are some other small things that are included, like soap to clean her cage.

If you are serious about Nacho, then I could tell you all of the basics and information that a hedgehog owner needs to know.

I'm located in Seoul. Sinjeong station (one stop away from Mokdong) on line 5 (purple).


Heres a video of her walking around in her orange ball.

Adoption Fee: ₩50,000
Location: Seoul - 서울
Living Situation: With owners


marlajoy's picture

She seems really lovely! Has she had any exposure to cats or dogs?

clee37's picture

Yes, she is very lovely! No, she hasn't had any exposure to cats or dogs.. so I wouldn't know how she would react to them.

chachothelast's picture

If no one steps up by the 20th, send me a message and I'll try to work something out. I love hedgies and I have one of my own and could potentially accommodate another.

clee37's picture

Thanks! I think she would love to have a new friend hedgie too.. I'll keep in touch.

skleffing's picture

Is your flight out of Korea on the 25th? I am really interested in adopting her, but I'm about to fly back home for a few weeks. I will be back in Korea on August 31st... guess it depends on your plane ticket. ^^

clee37's picture

Yes, my flight out of Korea is on the 25th...

skleffing's picture

Darn. ㅠㅠ Looks like others are interested, so I'm sure Nacho will find a good home. ^^

Issi's picture

I'm and English teacher living in the Incheon/Gyeyang area, and I just resigned, so I'll be in Korea for at least another year. Please, please tell me she's still available, I would LOVE to give her a new home with me!
If she has found a new owner I hope everything's going well.
I've also sent you an email, just thought I'd post here, incase you check it more often :)

clee37's picture

Nacho has found a good new home with an amazing owner. Even though I am sad to be leaving her, I know her new owner will be very good to her.