Look at him! I just woke him up for the pic but he's not even stressed out! All his spikes are down~

Quick Bio

Type of pet: Hedgehog
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
  • Good with other animals
Adoption Status: Adopted

Thank you Julianne! I'm sure Ponggu found a loving family! ^^*

Hello! I'm giving my very cute and super nice hedgehog! You can hold him in your hands easily and hedgehogs never bite (contrary to hamsters!)!! Unfortunately, I'm allergic to the bedding (I tried so many types... chooped wood, alfafa..ect..). I kept him for 2 years but I just can't stand the allergic reaction anymore. Plus I'm going back to Canada. I'm bringing my cat with me but I just can't bring the hedgehog. The hedgehog is very friendly with my cat~ They play together. What's more, he is not a very nervous type and you can manipulate him easily.
I will include EVERYTHING! I really want to find him a good home, that is why I post here too. ;) Included are the 2 cages, food, accessories and bedding. Please inbox me if you are interested!! I'm going to Canada next week on Monday, so if you are interested, inbox me asap!

Adoption Fee: ₩10,000
Location: Incheon - 인천
Living Situation: With owners


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If I can find him a good home, I will drive to bring him close-by your home, so it can be easier for you to get him~

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Congrats, Ponggu!