Beautiful Afrcn Pygmy Hedgehog

Quick Bio

Type of pet: Hedgehog
Breed/Species: African Pygmy
Age: Young
Gender: Unknown
Adoption Status: Adopted

My hedgehog (his name is Jim Morrison, but you can change that if you REALLY want to) is an energetic and playful little guy. Shy at first, but he'll soon like you and enjoy playing with you. Most people think it will hurt to handle him, but the spikes are actually rather soft, and he enjoys being stroked after a few weeks of getting to know you. He loves sniffing around and exploring and I've had lots of fun with him.

Unfortunately though, I am allergic to my beautiful pet hedgehog, and although I still play with him, everytime I do I get itchy skin and eyes.
He was given to me by a friend who was leaving the country. My mother's family have a history of pet allergies, but I have never experienced this until now. Although he does not have much fur, I think it is the fur on the bottom of his body that I am allergic to.
So, I need a responsible owner to take him from me.

If you want to know anything please contact me.
He comes with a box which is his home, and fencing that can make a 4x4 foot (or variably smaller depending on how many fence panels you use to make it) enjoyment area. Also, water bottle, food trays and a few more things.

He loves dry cat food and is exceptionally cheap to look after. I don't spend any more than 5,000won a month.

Adoption Fee: ₩10,000
Location: Daegu - 대구
Living Situation: With owners


StephiPie's picture

Hello! My husband and I are interested in your hedgehog, and we just tried to give you a call. Is he still available?

megs's picture

Did the hedgie find a home?

megs's picture

This hedgehog did find a home. I'm not sure if JoeHobbs is going to change the status here, though, so it's just an FYI.

Karen's picture

Thanks for the update, megs. I've sent a message to the author, so hopefully we'll see Jim Morrison in the Adopted section soon :)

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I didn't ever hear back from JoeHobbs, but I've updated the hedgehog's status to "Adopted" based on megs' comment above. If anything has changed since then, please let me know! Thanks!