Thelma and Louise

Quick Bio

Type of pet: Hamster
Breed/Species: Winter White Dwarf Hamster "opal"
Age: Young
Gender: Female
Adoption Status: Adopted

Thelma and Louise are two young dwarf hamsters. They are young adults and they are both female. So far they have been very friendly while being handled and are not jumpy or bitey at all, like some hamsters are. In fact, they love to run up and climb the bars when I walk by hoping I'll open the cage and play with them a bit or give them some treats. Unfortunately I have 3 dogs, so I can't really take them out as often as they want :(

Fun fact about winter white hamsters - they change colors! Odd fact about these girls - they're a little confused about winter and summer and are turning white! It seems my house is cooler than where they were living before. It's creating really cool markings on them though,especially their little white faces.

What's to know about hamsters?

inexpensive to care for
can be tamed/be friendly with owner
live 1-3 years

nocturnal (run around at night and make noise)
smelly (if you don't keep their cage clean!!)
live 1-3 years
snack sized for other animals

Thelma and Louise come with a good sized orange cage with wheel, food bowl and water bottle. They also come with whatever supplies are left when they go to their new home. Or, if you would like one hamster, I also have a pink cage with wheel, food bowl and water bottle if they go to two homes

Adoption Fee: ₩10,000
Location: Seoul - 서울
Living Situation: In foster care


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Their photo is so, so incredibly cute! Were they able to find a home together?

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Yes, they went home together :) Very sweet little girls.

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