5 Adorable Baby Hamsters

Quick Bio

Type of pet: Hamster
Breed/Species: Dwarf Hamster
Age: Baby
Gender: Male
  • Good with kids
  • Good with other animals
Adoption Status: Adopted

I have up for adoption 5 adorable baby hamsters. The back story on these little guys is one I'm sure everyone has heard. I had two hamsters as class pets and I thought they were both boys as they were both together for a whole year. Well the day before St Patrick's Day I noticed my white one (Sammy) was really fat. The next day I had 5 bald babies in my cage. Now they are 4 weeks old. I have 3 Boys (1 white and 2 brown) and 2 girls (1 white and 1 brown). They are really sweet. I hold them everyday so they are used to being handled.

If interested in one or all of these adorable babies feel free to contact me...

Adoption Fee: ₩10,000
Location: Seoul - 서울
Living Situation: With owners


megs's picture

That's a lot of hamster!

bariedel's picture

It is a lot of hamster but they are very sweet and very friendly. They don't mind being held and they aren't jumpy at all.

bariedel's picture

I have two separate cages that the babies are in (one for the girls and one for the boys). Whoever takes the babies can have the cages as well.

imfishy's picture

I am interested in the hamsters if they are still available? I have sent you an e-mail