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Type of pet: Hamster
Breed/Species: Dwarf
Age: Baby
Gender: Unknown
Adoption Status: Adopted

UPDATE: Baby is going to her new home tomorrow, along with Artie and Ollie. 3 friends are adopting them! So happy and thankful!

This listing is for Baby, the baby left from the second litter. I'm not 100% sure of gender, but from my best estimation, Baby is a girl. I don't trust myself to say for sure! She is absolutely adorable, but still pretty young and very shy. I think she might be a runt because she is just so small. She got the short end of the stick and ended up with the smallest cage that I was hoping would be temporary. She is still getting used to being handled, and could really use a home of her own so she gets the attention she needs. She doesn't bite or anything, but gets scared whenever I put my hand in the cage. She's better once she's out of the cage in my hands, but then she's so fast it can be tough to hold her for long. She needs someone who can be patient with her and she will grow up to be a wonderful pet. She was born on September 25th.

Background: I never wanted to get any pets in Korea, but a pair of cute little dwarf hamsters were dropped in my lap this summer after my friend found them abandoned on the street in a garbage pile, cage and all. So sad! My friend was leaving soon and already had adopted a puppy, so was unable to keep them. After no one else wanted them, I said I would take care of them. Well, I had 2 happy little hamsters for over 2 months before one day, I came home to quite a surprise - 2 babies! I felt extremely stupid for not realizing that "the fat lazy one" was actually pregnant. I had tried to determine their sex, but frankly, they are just so tiny, it was really difficult and I wrongly assumed that since they were already together in the cage that they must be brothers or something. I immediately put the father in a separate cage upon finding them...however, 16 days days later SURPRISE 4 more hamsters. I feel very guilty about how this situation has played out, but honestly, I don't see how I could have prevented it. I know that hamsters come into heat quite often, and I know there gestation period is very I thought I was in the safe zone after having 2 adult hamsters in a cage together for so long without reproducing. However, what's done is done, and I have managed to find homes for 4 of the babies. I've asked everyone I know, but there are no bites for the last 2 babies, who aren't really even babies anymore. And of course, I still have the parents as that's 4 cages in my tiny apartment. Now I'm going to be leaving in February, and I'm starting to lose hope of finding homes myself.

Please contact me if you have any questions. I can meet anywhere in Seoul pretty easily and I also take fairly frequent trips to Daejeon and Gwangju.

Thanks for looking!

Adoption Fee: ₩10,000
Location: Namyangju - 남양주
Living Situation: With owners


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Smiles, that's such great news! :)

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Thanks, Meg! Artie, Ollie, and Baby all went to great new homes in Jecheon yesterday. I'm so happy for them! :)