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Type of pet: Hamster
Age: Young
Gender: Male
  • Good with kids
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7/25/2013: Platy passed away a few weeks ago. I'm just happy he had a home of his own, even if it was just a short time.

2/2/2013: Platy went to his new home today! Congratulations to both Platy and his new mom! All my good wishes go with you. :)

2/1/2013: Platy is on the road again, this time to meet his new momma! It's been fun having him around, but I'm thrilled for him. We've scrubbed his cage from top to bottom (Well, I scrubbed, he ran around in his hamster ball. Slacker.) His snacks and chew stick are packed, and if he actually understood what was going on, I'm sure he'd be very excited. Until then, I get to be excited for him!

1/12/2013: Platy is a darling, and still waiting for you!

12/12/2012: So the great thing about hamsters, is that you can name them, and re-name them. The friend watching my own furry babies and my hamster fosters decided that Michael/Mike wasn't a very good name...but Platypus was! I have to say that I agree. Platy is currently featured on her FB photo, might I add....calmly chilling on her hand.

11/28/2012:Michael a.k.a Lord Byron is doing great, and I'm really surprised that he hasn't been adopted yet. I've marked him as semi-urgent because I'll be going on vacation soon, and if there's no adopter, he's going to have to move apartments with me, then get carted up to Seoul, then get carted back from Seoul when I return from vacation.

It would be great if he could find his furrever home before then. He's warm, soft, sweet-tempered, does NOT eat his vegetables, and doesn't need a companion (other than you, of course!) Help this little fuzzball find a safe, warm home for the holiday season!

11/23/2012: I've changed his name to Lord Byron. The bum leg and handsome, dark fur is just too similar to the great poet. Fall in love with this little fellow and make him a part of you life!

Michael is a cute little fellow who, along with Barny, is currently in foster care. Their previous owner loved them very much, but found herself in an extremely unstable position, as well as a very cold home.
Michael is a good boy. He can be picked up without problems, as he's used to being handled. He's not quite as fast in his ball as Barny, but he goes at a good pace. He's very darling, and comes out of his bed to "talk" to you.
He comes with his cage and food, as well as a hamster ball.


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My friend is looking into adopting him and had contacted you o(^-^)o

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Hey Megan!
I just responded. I wasn't sure if it was for Barny or Platy, so now I know! :)