Quick Bio

Type of pet: Hamster
Breed/Species: Pearl Dwarf Hamster
Age: Young
Gender: Male
  • Good with kids
  • Good with other animals
Adoption Status: Adopted

3/17/2013: Happy St. Patrick's day from Barny! To celebrate, he's avoiding his veggies (as usual). New pictures, too, though you can imagine how hard it is to catch a quick little hamster on camera.... Enjoy!

2/2/2013: Barny's "compadre" Platy went to his forever home today. Barny wants you to know he doesn't miss him, not even a little bit. That's why Barny's 100% happy to wait for you - as long as you have A) cotton bedding (he loves it) and B) Hammie treats. The rest is insignificant to his grand scheme of things.

11/23/2012: I've changed his name to Lord Tennyson, because his campaigns in the Hamster Ball Brigade against the cats have been quite impressive. (He always rolls after their legs.) Fortunately, these campaigns are not as ill-fated as the poem they derive from.

11/1/2012: Barny is almost a year old. He has silver grey fur. He's been properly handled his entire life, so he eagerly hops into your hand and allows you to pet him. He's very pleasant to have around, and completely ignores the cat, the kitten, the rats, and us unless we're right in his cage. He's a male, so he doesn't get along with Lord Byron (Michael) and will fight with him at any opportunity - which is why he and Michael have separate cages.
He's very easy to take care of, and doesn't eat or poop much. He comes with his own cage and a hamster ball.


He's sweet
He's cute
He loves his hamster food
He runs in his wheel to keep "trim"
He's soft
He doesn't bite
He's quiet
He might help you eat some salad....
...but would rather eat hamster food
He doesn't care if you have friends over
He doesn't care if you have other animals over
He's not afraid of the cat, the cat's afraid of him
He climbs into your hand
He'll say "hello" if you open up his cage
He's happy to make his own bed
He's easy to clean up after: 1x/month, put him in his hamster ball, dump the old bedding out, scrub with baking powder and water, rinse well, dry. Put more bedding in his cage so that it's nice and fluffy and dry (never damp!), and he's ready to go!
He's not impressed by how much $$ you make (or don't make).
He bathes himself.

Overall cost for a hamster:
Special food from E-Mart, about 10,000w for 3 months.
Cotton bedding: Depends! I like the unbleached stuff I brought from the U.S. from Petsmart. A bag would probably last you 6 months, easy. (About $4)
Wood chip bedding from E-Mart, about 5,000w for 2 months (minimum)
New hamster ball: 10,000w
Yogie treats: Depends on you, but not too many, since he's watching his hamster figure. ^^

Link to adoption application:

Adoption Fee: ₩20,000
Location: Masan - 마산
Living Situation: In foster care


megs's picture

I really like Barny, and wouldn't mind formally adopting him. But with a cat, 3 rats and a hedgehog of my own, things are already a little crowded. I thought that there would be more foreigners looking for an easy-to-handle furry friend to make Korea more like home, but he's had very little interest. I'm very surprised, but have decided to adopt him myself if he doesn't find a home in 1 month.

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Barny had a few applications come in, and one in particular I really liked. Unfortunately, the long-term situation wouldn't have been ideal. I guess it's going to work out for the best, because the boyfriend became super attached to him when I wasn't looking. :)

marlajoy's picture

You adopted him, Megs?! Awesome! :)

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Lol, yeah, we did. We've had him around since October and just...well, we got attached. :) Thank you Marlajoy, we think it's awesome, too. :)